replied to your post “[X]? Are you okay?“
[X] turned to look at xir. Eir eyes were slightly…”

You guys are making this stuff absolutely impossible to read, this is getting ridiculous

hi friend

did you know corvidprompts is run entirely by unpaid 20 yr olds in their free time? that all of us have serious health conditions, including two mods with life threatening conditions? that a couple of the mods work full time? did u know we try really fucking hard to make content every single day

i’m not saying every prompt is perfection 

but i am saying that unless you’re paying us you probably shouldn’t complain about all this nice free content we produce 🙂


blatherblatherskite replied to your post “I searched through the blog but couldn’t find it, so I want to ask,…”

There’s a discord? ��

yeah! u can message the mods @from-ashes-they-rise @smugalbatross (won’t @???)  or @skeletalecho. pls dm because links dont go through asks

im @corvidcraft but im exhausted and will probably ignore u out of ‘oops forgot i got a message’ so maybe dont

The siren’s eyes were black and glassy. Very little light reflected off them- more like empty pits than pools of glass.

“Hello,” says the hero chosen by no one “I’m here to help.”

“You’ll drown trying,” warns the siren “but follow me, unwanted one.”