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Hey guys! here’s a quick list of things you can do to help corvidprompts grow! -Comment on/like/reblog my posts this lets me know what content you like and what you don’t! It also helps me understand how the mechanics of wordpress work- still getting used to the new site! -Follow […]

The elemental sat atop the mortal’s workbench, watching in awe the carvings and trinkets xe made. From small statues of stone and wood to toys for, as the mortal explained, xir siblings’ children. The elemental barely understood most of what the mortal spoke, but ze would not have changed it. […]

The clash raged across the countryside, staining the sky black and carving fissures and scars into the earth beneath their feet as they howled and screamed, hurling eldritch power at one another like it was nothing, caring not for the mortals below. The twin creatures from beyond the heavens scored […]

The siren’s eyes were black and glassy. Very little light reflected off them- more like empty pits than pools of glass. “Hello,” says the hero chosen by no one “I’m here to help.” “You’ll drown trying,” warns the siren “but follow me, unwanted one.”

The thief-king lounged on xir throne, dressed in finery and oozing luxury. A devious, dark smile played across xir lips as xe watched the viper in xir fields of thieves cross the room to have an audience with xem. The thief-king would allow zir misdirection and deviance no longer.

Xe woke up to murky blackness. The streetlights outside had shut off, but it was deep into the night still. Xe thought it was odd, just then, as they could have sworn they saw something standing in the corner of xir room. The moment xir eyes adjusted, xe wished they […]

The tolling of the church bells was drowned out by the bell towers of the castle, ringing into the countryside with fervor. That was when the people knew something had gone wrong. Children raced into the streets, yelling royal declarations from the tops of their lungs. “We are at war!”

The seashell stand, unmanned and unvisited, glittered dangerously in the sunlight, like a thousand tiny blades were for sale instead of gem-encrusted shells. There were no prices on the stand, no signs at all. Just glittering shells. The last person to take one was last seen walking into the ocean […]

In the break from customers, the werewolf basked in the warm sunlight streaming through the display window, stealing away with the leftover winter chill. That is, until xe felt xir hair stand on end. Xe was being watched. Knowingly, the werewolf turned around and watched as the spirit flinched back […]

The Faerie planted xir feet firmly at the entrance to the little cubby in the wall, peering sharply through the colorful and writhing aether of already-eaten dreams. A dream eater den was no place for this lost babe but the Faerie had to have answers, and answers xe would get. […]