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“You lived only because I allowed it.” says the villain “You lived because I decided you would.”

The hero’s sidekick snarls. Xe doesn’t actually answer.

“You didn’t save yourself.” says the villain “And [Hero] didn’t save you, either. I did.”



“I’m not confused about my gender, fuckhat, but you might be confused over how to be a decent human being.”

I love this response.

Also good responses you can use:

“You’re right, I am confused. Why do I need to know the quadratic formula, but not how to file taxes?”

“At least I don’t go around anonymously harassing people on the internet you fucksock.”

“Sorry I don’t speak verbal diarrhea you asshole. Try again later.”

“Sorry!! This is a nb only zone! You must have atleast 10pts on your nb card to enter.”

“Aha, but you see, i am not confused. I am actually fifty thousand bees in a trench coat and there’s too many for use to decide on a single cohesive gender so we’re going for ???”

Worldbuilding tips::

Remember to design clothing for whatever culture you’re developing. What kind of fabrics or styles are common? What colours- swamp people are’t going to wear pastels and desert folks won’t wear black. How about jewelry and makeup?

Keep in mind scenery, too! Just because two places are similar, doesn’t mean the clothes will be. A hot place without much sun is going to look a lot different in terms of clothes than a hot place with a lot of sun. People who live near an ocean dress different than people near a lake, and very different from people who live in a swamp.

Also! No matter how dramatic it is, people who live some place very windy aren’t going to wear a lot of loose, flowing fabric. Some, maybe, like a veil or a shawl, but not skirts and the like. Too many people would trip!