hi yes do I have permission to go through your blog and answer like a LOT of these prompts to prepare for (instead of) homework

bruh there’s nothing better than going into the notes and seeing 100+ entries from a single person!! we love that shit!!

hello new person!!! :D!!!

we get a lot of asks complaining about our neopronouns but we ALSO get asks like THESE and we get a lot more of these so ❤ keep on trucking enbies it’s a good time to be alive


If you’re going to use nonbinary pronouns in your prompts can you please be consistent with which ones you use? I know you have multiple mods, but you could agree on one?

thank u for ur feedback! we have now added ze/hir pronouns to our pronouns rotation. Hope this helps! 🙂


The Corvidprompts Mod Collective

What are all your pronouns?

mod crow- @corvidcraft uses xe/xir 

mod unnameable- @unnameablethings uses xe/xir

mod sam- @smug-albatross uses they/them

mod echo- @skeletalecho uses they/them or he/him

mod alpha- @from-ashes-they-rise uses she/her or they/them

hey, i know you guys have spoken about it before, so much so that its a tired topic, but i can’t seem to find it – is the use of pronouns like ‘xir’, ‘eir’, etc., instead of using ‘they’ a preferential thing? i guess i’m wondering: is it just something you like to do or does it enhance a narrative when you employ a pronoun as seemingly limitless as the ones you do? could you possibly link me to where you’ve already gone over this stuff, please? (i love you; thank you🌹)

hey! no problem! i’ve got a thing written about it here

in short: it’s partially preference, partially because it’s easier to have multiple gender neutral characters to a prompt if u can use different pronouns, partially because these writing prompts probably will be used for she/he using characters, and ‘xe’ or the like pronouns use the same sentence structure (xe/he is vs they are)

(also neopronouns are bitchin’, and a couple of the mods use them irl so why not use them here)

i am not… good at webpages, so we don’t have a permanent link up to that article on the tumblr blog yet, so there’s no problem with asking for it if you’re polite ❤

i don’t think they were commenting on the quality of the prompt, rather, they were just being an asshole about the pronouns used. not that it really matters, it was still an uncalled for comment, but just to let you know.

oh yeah 🙂 we know

people don’t like gender neutral phrasing ‘cause it’s ~hard to understand~

see: i don’t know how to relate to this without forcing it into a binary!! look, we’re talking about fashion, but the character involved might not be a woman

here on corvidprompts we’re a trans loving blog an nb loving blog a gender nonconforming gender queer gender fuck loving blog. we’ll always be queer run and chock full of queer content 

sometimes people are rude about it. sometimes we’re a little bit rude back

i love your prompts, especially those of succubus and angel/s. i have writer’s block but i have been able to write well thanks to them. thank you, your work is very good!

i can’t wait to get back to the angel/succubus prompts…