what’s up its crow! hi 😀

as u can probably tell given ive uploaded one (1) prompt in the past two weeks and none on wordpress, working full time is very tiring

i still have time for some creative endeavors but blogrunning in particular is very hard for me :(!

that said i’ve kept up with my art a little better (as u know if u’ve been following me on twitter) and i’m planning on doing more pokemon art prompts over the next little while! you can send in some requests if you’d like. I’m also going to be trying to learn art nouveau so some of them might get a lil fancy!

i do have a ko fi if you want to donate with your request but it’s not required! please only donate if you are both financially stable and prefer to pay for a service

tldr: pokemon art prompts! feel free to ask for your buddy!



happy pride my buddies! corvidprompts is run by a bunch of queers and we’re here to fucking party all june

this is a aro/ace run blog, this is a trans/nb run blog this is a blog run by neopronoun users, this is a blog made by and for queer creators who aren’t particularly interested in being politely heterosexual

we love you all, from our cishet allies, to our siblings in niche identities, to those who are here just for writing and want me to shut up now pls, those who maybe don’t agree with everything i’m writing here but are down to hang out. We love you, questioning writer, and the adults on here who’ve known who they are for years.

We love you. Happy pride!