The clash raged across the countryside, staining the sky black and carving fissures and scars into the earth beneath their feet as they howled and screamed, hurling eldritch power at one another like it was nothing, caring not for the mortals below. The twin creatures from beyond the heavens scored deep wounds and yet did not stop.

One of the unlucky folk below could have sworn xe heard one of them howl, “It was my turn with the TV!”

“Heck,” says the fae-born “You were lying to me?”

“Not on purpose,” ze says “I didn’t know the truth, then. Now that I do, I’m telling you.”

“Oh,” the fae-born relaxes “Oh, good. If you were lying to me deliberately we’d be fucked because I’d have to kill you.”

“I crave peace,” says the leader of the revolution “But I know not it’s sweet embrace. We’ll carve out our freedom in blood.”

“There must be a better way!”

“We’ve tried.” says the leader “We’ve tried kindness and they see it as passivity, they don’t care for our attempts at a better life. They don’t care for us. So we’ll remove them from our way.”