replied to your post “Let’s get physical.” “Oh no,” xe squawks, backing away in…”

God you guys make me laugh consistently

thank u thank u!!! we try



hey just a heads up to everyone who follows me

i love jason todd

‘but crow why would you tell us this if it doesnt matter’

i talk about him so much on the discord i ended up making my own channel

i own five red hood shirts

im currently commenting on every chapter of a 124 ch WIP all about jay

my absurd over the top affection for jason todd is a vital part of my life and everyone needs to know it



it’s called cigarette smoke and snark by @scaryscarecrows! im currently on chapyer 76 of my ‘comment on every chapter’ excursion

i also have a huge jason todd centric fic rec list right here on my personal! No ships on this one- all genfic (aside from one slowburn wip thats still in its early days) 

replied to your post “When witches get married, we tell the other our true name.” says the…”

The whole first sentence is fucking Doctor Who. When a Time Lord gets married he/she tells their true name. Way to be creative ������

oh cool! i’ve never seen doctor who so thanks for being condescending 😀

replied to your post “My ex threatened to kill herself the first three times I tried to…”

my great-grandfather did that, he died after drinking rat poison and refusing to receive treatment. also was an abusive bastard and threw a lit cigarette at my grandmother. my great-grandmother left him in the 1920s when that just wasn’t done, they lived in a widow’s colony for a while

i feel like this blog is about to become one of those cathartic discussions where everyone tells their story so block the tag ‘manipulative suicide’ if you don’t want that. everyone else feel free to get your manipulation stories off your chest

also fuck your great grandfather. was it kind of like ‘oh im going to die and ill let it happen if you don’t Come Back To Me so if i do die it’s Your Fault for not wanting to be hurt by me anymore’ ? gosh

some people will make their behaviour everyone elses fault even if that means marinating themselves in unhappiness and i hate it

Idk if you know or not but you can still find and block people even if they use anon

Yeah! I know who’s messaging me lmao we met through this blog and were in pretty constant communication for a while! I’ve blocked the ip address on tumblr now so hopefully thats the end (…?)