replied to your post “My friend was in a relationship for a few months with this guy when…”

My friend had a similar situation. These kind of people are dangerous. Luckily she got away from him, but after that he started threatening her in new ways and now she’s constantly afraid of seeing him in a public space.
Get away from people like this as soon as possible.


She definitely needs to leave him. That’s manipulative. If he does say he’s going to kill himself, she should call 911 (or the equivalent in another country). They’ll send the police to check on him and take him to the ER if need be. She is not responsible for his life.



Hey, yeah, my mom once basically threatened suicide after I asked, a couple months in advance, if I could go on vacation with a friend for a week, a vacation that said friend had offered to completely pay for my way. Didn’t announce I was going, simply asked if I could. I’m supposed to be leaving this house soon, permanently, but it’s hard because I’m absolutely afraid of what she’ll do when she discovers I’m gone. I’m terrified of what or who she’ll hurt because she’ll be mad I’m gone.

<lays on you>

anyway im going to fight your mom. get out anon- what she does in response (if she does anything at all) to that is her problem. itll be better once you go

My friend was in a relationship for a few months with this guy when she realised she wanted to leave him, and that’s when he started threatening to commit suicide if she left, telling her how she was the only good in his life and now she’s been to afraid to leave for 3 years, no matter how unhappy and drained it makes her because if he did kill himself she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself and I hate this guy so much for what he’s done to her, she’s a shadow of who she used to be

leave him

no person is under an obligation to allow themself to be hurt because someone else is unable to take responsibility for their own actions

the chances of him going through with it are very very low. He’s saying that thing because he knows she’s too kind to leave for it. more than likely he’ll just keep messaging her online or the like similar threats and eventually go away when he realizes she’s serious. he’s not interested in hurting himself, he’s interested in hurting her by fucking up her head

i have no real good advice so my advice is fucking fight him. or something. get away. honestly people like that dont deserve your emotional labour because they will drain you fucking dry

TW – suicide // It’s sad how many people can’t seem to tell the difference between, “Hey, I’m feeling really suicidal and I’m afraid if I stay by myself, I’ll do something bad. Would you please stay with me for a little bit?” and “If you don’t do [insert unreasonable demand here] I’m going to kill myself!” :(

honestly this whole blog is a suicide warning right now lmao (sorry to those of you that just followed and then this happened)


huge difference my god

the first anon that messaged me, if you’re reading this- don’t feel bad about your message. there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about writing depression and that is definitely the wrong way- because it was about abuse not depression.

you opened up a big conversation i think a lot of people on here needed to have so thank u for that. this blog is a little darker than most prompts blogs ive seen and as a result it attracts a certain kind of audience. there are some terrible, horrible stories happening on my blog right now and all of them are real and that’s terrible but it’s worse if that stay quiet because then they keep fucking happening

i dont know what im trying to say lmao. im not actually the best at words but i hope y’all understand what i mean anyway

*sends hugs and love* It’s shit that this happens and honestly I only hope that one people will stop doing this to others

<flops mightily>

thank u for the hugs ❤ and yeah im gonna fight everyone


its not okay

When I still lived with my father, he was an extreme alcoholic, and would constantly threaten suicide whenever mother took me and my brother away from the situation. He actually tried to kill himself the day we permanently left, and he keeps blaming my mother for everything, when she didn’t do a single god damn thing. (he would also constantly accuse her of cheating, because she would hang out with friends after her college classes (I hung out with her friends too. She wasn’t cheating))


i’m gonna fight him

im glad you got out of there anon, and that your mother tried to protect you and just. that it ended okay

Seeing all these, my grandmother actually pulled that stunt 2yrs back after she kicked my granddad out the house. My parents took him in to remove him from the situation (she’s been abusing him for years) but he went back to her. It pisses me off beyond words, & honestly I’m grateful that most of the family sees it was a shit powerplay but my aunt was freaking out like it was a real thing & she hasn’t done it several times before for attention. Making serious issues into nothing smh I hate it

isn’t it ridiculous that so many people are sending in stories? like

this isnt an easy topic

i guarantee there’s people reading these that have similar stories that aren’t ready to talk about them yet and y e t there are so many coming in, 

i hate this. i’m glad i’m not alone but i hate this.

My ex used2 threaten he was going to kill himself. He hung himself once but the rope broke, I remember the mark around his neck. I cried. I told him to go talk to someone but he ignored me. I was 15, I didn’t know what to do. He always said he wished he was dead & that the rope snapped. I remember being so scared & him abusing me. He killed himself a few months back. Sometimes I wonder if I kept in touch with him, would he be alive? Then I remember what he did to me & I shrug that thought away.


<paps the anon>

that’s a really nasty situation oh gosh

mentall illness can affect your behaviour and it can make you do things, but you’re still?? responsible for that?? you cannot use mentall illness as an excuse to abuse or manipulate someone it’s not okay. like. yeah you can be clingy but you can’t punish someone for having other friends there’s a difference, a line, and thats important.

it’s not your responsibility to allow someone to hurt you because they refuse to get help. they can’t manipulate a proffessional so thats why they keep hurting themselves and you and it’s not your fault

Honestly if my ex wasn’t so “macho and totally secure in himself” I could see him using suicide as a way to manipulate me to stay with him. And it would have worked too. But he was too proud (more likely cocky) I guess. I had another guy who I wasn’t even dating threaten suicide if I didn’t go out with him. I didn’t and I cut ties with him but I still think about him…hope he wasn’t serious.

he definitely wasn’t serious he was a manipulative jackass
people who threaten suicide aren’t suicidal they’re people who are willing to hurt others by hurting them self out of some masochistic bullshit

i’m glad you cut ties before you got into something with that person. it started ugly and would’ve gotten worse fast