I actually wanted to thank you for using neopronouns. Reading your prompts I’m getting used to them and using them for actual people is less odd ever since I started reading your prompts.

thats awesome~!! neopronouns can be tricky to get used too, but i find they’re a lot of fun once you get started with em!

I’m having trouble with motivation to edit pieces. My writing is kind of sucky, and ends up being sucky whether I put in 1 hour or 5 hours into a story. I feel like it’s almost better to just put in the 1 hour of writing and move on, rather than 1 hour of writing (which I enjoy) and 4 hours of editing (which I do not enjoy), since it ends up bad anyways (Me being thin-skinned is part of the issue, but I can’t just stop being sensitive). How do you move past this and start actually writing well?

write for one hour and then move on to the next piece

writing is all about practice. If you don’t feel ready to invest six hours into a piece, don’t. If you only want to spend five minutes on a piece, only spend five minutes. Keep creating. You’ll find your rhythem in there eventually.


So you come up with all these prompts?

yeah! we try and keep all the prompts original! up until june i ran this blog entirely by myself for a yearn and a half (currently, this blog is almost entirely run by mod unnameable and mod sam tho because im on a health break)

there may be some that seem familiar because we pull inspo from a lot of places and i know ive unwittingly copied a new meme because a friend said it to me and i thought it was original and copied them, but everything is as original as we can possibly make it

(sometimes we post prompt submissions that followers send to us so no guarantees on those- we have a whole bunch built up i need to post lmao)

Can I ask why include all these various pronouns, since prompts are sort of something the writer adds detail to? Not to tell you how to write your prompts or anything of course, I like the use of X to replace a characters name and how it allows the writer to add it themself

hi! i originally started using xe/xir pronouns because they’re a gender neutral option with the same grammar structure as she/her and he/his pronoun (xe is vs they are). that way the prompts themselves don’t contain a gender bias while still fitting conventional grammar structures- it’s not a nonbinary agenda thing, it’s convenience of use as that way the prompts are free of gender bias and are easy to edit to add in the pronouns you chose to work with. the different neopronouns dictate that different characters are being referred to.

also i’m nonbinary, like nonbinary nepronouns, and run a queer writing blog so i guess it is a part of the nonbinary agenda, too :D.

I wanna write, and I have ideas but I just can’t seem to do it? Any inspiration tips?

inspiration tips courtesy of discord

crow- die. Die on the floor

kat- write random shit. doesn’t have to be good.

goddamn girl- write every day no matter what kind of writing it is

starling- write three sentences, wait five minutes, and then write three more

falcon- stop writing for a bit and yell with a friend for a little while, first

dummy cute- hydration

Out of curiosity, what does your tag “not now Sam” mean?

‘not now sam’ is sams version of ‘crow content’! it just means that sam made the post. Same for ‘its unname back at it again’. That way you know which of us made the post.

So would xe be the replacement for like she/he and xir is the replacement for his/hers? Sorry of this is a rude way to ask, I’m working on being more diverse in my writing and I wasn’t sure.

hey! Sorry for the late reply- i was away and had friends guest modding for me and they couldn’t answer asks

no worries on your phrasing- this is plenty polite and a fairly common question. i dont think a lot of people use neopronouns as extensively as i do

xe/xir/xir = she/her/hers is the easiest way to get used to it, yeah! you’ll aso see ze/zir/zirs and ce/cir/cirs somtimes as well as ey/eir/eirs

oh fuck dont answer that lesbian swan ask (or this one) that was to the wrong blog sorry oops! just delete these please lmao fjejjririsjksjdjs

too late it’s cool i’ve done the Exact same thing