“Here’s the problem with the assumption you’re making- abuse survivors do not grow angry or defiant. They become meek because they need to live.”

“Look, if some asshole started hitting me, you know what i’d do?”

“How about if your spouse became upset and struck out in anger? And then apologized? And never did it again? Until they did, of course. You’re thinking about this like a fight- it’s not.”


“Here’s the problem with the assumption you’re making- abuse survivors do not grow angry or defiant. They become meek because they need to live.”

“Look, if some asshole started hitting me, you know what i’d do?”

“How about if your spouse became upset and struck out in anger? And then apologized? And never did it again? Until they did, of course. You’re thinking about this like a fight- it’s not.”

manipulative supervillain dialogue


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-“I’m not stopping until you apologize for knowingly hurting my feelings. Everything that happens from here on out is your fault.”

-”You never forgave me. Didn’t even care. And you’re acting like I never cared.”

– ”I did some good things too, asshole. 

But you were never willing to even talk it out. Now I have someone else who won’t backstab me.”

– “There is no such thing as manipulation, only idiots who cry about their feelings getting hurt.”

– “You were my favorite.”

“But remember that one wrong move and xe’ll do the same thing to you. Condemn you. Over nothing.”

– “You want me to kill myself, don’t you? But until the blessed day when I’m rotting in the fucking ground, you’ll deal with me. Pitiful, pathetic garbage. I bet you’ll celebrate.

– “Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m a shitty person. I don’t need you people reminding me of that. Why I should curl up and die somewhere so I’ll stop annoying you. Lovely people, aren’t you?“


“If xe wants a goddamn villain, I’ll give them one.”

-”You know who this is.”

-”You must get off on my pain.”

-“You have no goddamn idea what it’s like to feel so terrible. “

-“I used to care. Now I don’t. And I won’t care until they care about me.”

It still hurts. I still hurt myself. And it makes you laugh. You love the pain you put me through.”

-”You had no intention of giving me another chance. So why should I let another person hurt me and get away with it?”

-”You don’t want to talk it out, so why should I stop? Why shouldn’t I retaliate?”

-”Xe’s making me look the the bad guy, acting like xe did nothing wrong! This is xir fault!”

-”Doesn’t my pain matter too? Xe’s making it look like this is all my fault!”

replied to your post “My ex threatened to kill herself the first three times I tried to…”

my great-grandfather did that, he died after drinking rat poison and refusing to receive treatment. also was an abusive bastard and threw a lit cigarette at my grandmother. my great-grandmother left him in the 1920s when that just wasn’t done, they lived in a widow’s colony for a while

i feel like this blog is about to become one of those cathartic discussions where everyone tells their story so block the tag ‘manipulative suicide’ if you don’t want that. everyone else feel free to get your manipulation stories off your chest

also fuck your great grandfather. was it kind of like ‘oh im going to die and ill let it happen if you don’t Come Back To Me so if i do die it’s Your Fault for not wanting to be hurt by me anymore’ ? gosh

some people will make their behaviour everyone elses fault even if that means marinating themselves in unhappiness and i hate it

Scribbs told me you forgave me but you never did. You had “no intention”. “no obligation” to. You lied to me. I had no one else and you happily left when you promised you wouldn’t and it fucking Hurts. It still hurts. I still hurt myself. And it makes you laugh. You love the pain you put me through. You never had any intention of coming back even though I changed. So if you can hurt me without a care in the world, why can’t I retaliate? It never mattered to you and it still doesn’t.

hi nice to hear from you again. i can’t believe you think your behaviour right now is acceptable in any way shape or form

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i don’t actually know what you’re referring to here because i literally did not bring you up at all in the quiet gap before you started posting about me. i was working through things on my own, privately

it does actually  but i don’t cater to people who refuse to see me as a person

no?? okay then

i don’t know what kind of mental gymnastic you’re doing here but you should stop doing it.

i didn’t ask for any of this. i was talking privately with people for advice and one got really upset and decided to talk with you/ I’m sorry they were rude but you were already calling me similar things and like. How on earth do you not see the double standard in your behaviour here. people abused me and you got upset when i became manipulative as hell so now i’m going to punish you because that’s fair.

also have you considered he doesn’t want to talk with you because you’re a bitter abusive and unpleasant person

no it’s not. you sure do seem to enjoy talking shit about me though

why would i want to talk to you oh my god. look at this. look at how you’re treating me. i don’t want anything to do with you.

i live an entire continent away i have no bearing on this. it sucks. i’m sorry this is your life right now. but that doesn’t give you a free pass to bully me

i was avoiding you because you were hurting me. sorry for being human sorry for getting upset when i’m treated badly

it’s not a game to me. none of this is fun. or funny. or anything else. i don’t wish for bad things to be happening to you, but that doesn’t mean i’ll throw out my own health to be your personal 24.7 therapist

i don’t know how you’re getting information on the discord, or what kind of inf you’re getting b.c my guy either whoever is giving it to you is twisting it or you’re a gold medal mental gymnast but i don’t find this funny. i don’t insult you. i don’t hate you or wish you ill. 

this just in, treating people badly has consequences. your personal circumstances don’t exempt you from that

i’m sure there’s words i am supposed to put here. some way to defend myself and also confront you. but i’m tired. i don’t think i need to defend myself. you’re twisting your perception of me and i don’t need to defend actions i never even took. i don’t deserve to be treated like this.

I didn’t forget. I saw you laughing about it. It’s nice to know that people like you not only condone, but promote false reporting and bullying mentally ill people 😊 I’ll never stop. Not until you fucking apologize to me for shit talking and leading me on like that. RaptorParty said you forgave me and I had hope. Then I saw what you said. You found it funny. I think you’ll find it rewarding that I hurt myself. Of course you’ll tell all your little friends and laugh about it. You enjoy my pain.

Hi! It’s nice to hear from you again! It’s not like you haven’t been spouting hate at me on your blog (which is gone now), sending me emails blaming me and insulting me, and occasionally messaging me on anon.

To: my followers, I’m so sorry I’m putting drama on your dash but i am so so tired of this. please ignore this i’m just trying to end it.

Okay. Here is the the thing. You cannot demand forgiveness and friendship from me. I forgave you for pressuring me into being online all the time. I forgave you for guilting me for having a life. I forgave you for lashing out. I understand that you have anxiety and that I was your friend, but you cannot treat me like all I am there to do is to carry your emotions.

Let me tell you this sincerely: I forgive you for hurting me. I’m sorry my leaving hurt you. I’m sorry I caused you pain. I’m honest to god, so fucking sick over the thought of you hurting yourself. You are a creative person and capable of so much, and I’m so sorry to contribute to your pain.

But you did hurt me. 

If I didn’t respond quickly enough, you would leave a message to make me feel guilt for not doing so. If I was offline for a day, everything you did or did not do, was on me. When I told you things, I was terrified you would bring them up again later to hurt me, or make me stay. I became afraid of seeing a message notification. You are not the only one with mental illness. I hurt myself over the things you said, but i never told you because i didn’t want to burden you. I made myself ill and made my headaches worse so i could notify you over an absence, but it wasn’t enough because I didn’t do it every time. it’s not fair. You did not treat me like a friend. We had good times, but that doesn’t excuse the bad. I’m sorry my leaving caused you pain. But I am not sorry for leaving.

A friendship doesn’t make your heart beat in your chest like an anxiety attack at the sight of a notification. A friendship does not involve blaming the other person, an entire country away, for not going to a firework show. A friendship does not involve one party neglecting xir family in order to be online and available. I’m sure i handled something wrong, that there could’ve been some way to make this better, and for that, I am sorry. I could’ve been better, but I did my very best.

I understand you have abandonment issues. I understand that completely. We talked about it. I offered to do my best, and asked for understanding that i am fallible, human, and that talking and being available is hard for me. You asked for everything I had to give and when that wasn’t enough, you asked for more.

But this isn’t about that.

This is about after. I said no more. I said I need space. You emailed me begging to come back and I am so sorry that I couldn’t, and that you were in pain, that you hurt yourself. I never meant to hurt you and i’m so sorry I did. I never wanted to cause you pain, that was why i tried so hard to carry it. When I didn’t respond to your email, you asked mutual friends to message me to ask me to come back, but I still wasn’t ready. I needed time. A month and a half later, message notifications still sent my heartbeat racing. I was terrified of disappointing people. I was working on helping myself. I blocked you on tumblr and in the discord chat, where i posted an extremely vague notice as to why you were blocked, and encouraged people to seek you out on tumblr or add you on discord as you wouldn’t be in the chat.

But, like before, when I couldn’t accommodate to your schedule, you became angry. I didn’t wish you a happy birthday and that was the breaking point i guess? I couldn’t forgive you, heal, and come back fast enough so I was free to slander and hate. you minimized your responsibility and maximized mine


you were salty because you were on your period so you sent me this? because i was on vacation (a fact you were aware of) and thus was offline for two days


i hate this. i hate bringing this up. i know you enjoyed talking with me, but treating an absence with this, not just this one time, but consistently, is not. okay.

But like I said. i forgive you for this.

I don’t forgive you for not allowing me my space. I don’t forgive you for posting hateful things on your blog with my name, publicly. You are the one who made this public. You couldn’t let me be so you tried to bring it into the spotlight. I confided in a friend about your behavior, and when they, unprompted, confronted you, you sent me more hateful emails, exaggerating their behavior, claiming they suicide baited you which they didn’t. They showed me screenshots. My guy, having anxiety and having abandonment issues isn’t an excuse to treat people like garbage. it isn’t an excuse for this


it isn’t an excuse to talk about someone like this, and then start a hate campaign


in case ur wondering, this is not an apology


this is a guilt trip. I know you were upset. I’m sorry I hurt you. but friendships don’t work because one person hollows themself out for the other

i don’t want anything from you my guy. I just want to be left alone. Let it go, if you had given me time, I would have come back. but this is too much. I’m done. Yes, when I see your messages i talk with people in server because you got them involved. Because I’m upset. Because I’m hurt. Sometimes I use humor to make it feel less sharp because this? This is not okay. I don’t know how you know anything about the server because you’re banned, but it’s private. I kept everything out of it for a long, long time. This is not okay. How can you think treating someone like this is how you earn forgiveness? 

Please. Move on. Leave me alone. Make new friends. You are a wonderful, creative person with a lot to give. You’ll do fine. You just need to treat people better. I’m sorry I hurt you. I forgive you. Leave me alone.

To anyone not involved that read this: sorry for putting this on your dash. I was hoping they’d get the hint and leave me alone. You can unfollow if you think i’m in the wrong, I understand. I just want this to be over