I work at a Tim H’s. Will birb exchange prompts on a pair of twins being the ‘shoulder angel and devil’ for their best friend who may or may not be about to make a terrible life decision w/ a coyote for coffee and baked good?

i’m answering this one now even tho i just got it because it’s a fairly easy request and i want coffee

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devil twin- [X] best friend [Y] angel twin [Z]

-”C’mon, look at it’s cute face! You should pet it.”

“It’s a wild animal leave it alone.”

“Fluffy~~ so so fluffy~~”

-”You’re a terrible influence [X]”

“You make such a cute little sinner, though.”

-”I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to follow wild animals into the woods.”

“Haven’t you ever read a fairytale, [Z]?”

“Yeah, the ones with the fae.”

-”[Y], [Y], what’s with the coyote?”

“Well I wanted to ask your advice-”

“Mine, or [Z]’s?”

-”That isn’t a dog.”

“You should name it ‘sergei deathkiller’“

[X] no.”

-”You’d think by now you’d’ve learned not to listen to what [X] has to say.”

“As if you’re any better.”

“I have a more defined set of morals, at least.”

“Those morals being ‘hedonism’?”

-”God can you imagine the sheer fuckery those two can create when they team up?”

“Yeah, I’d say I’m pretty familiar with that.” 

the coyote snoozes peacefully on [Y]’s feet.

-”You know I was gonna ask for advice on something but first- [Z], are you okay like is that paint or-”

“Paint! red paint! There was an issue. Why are you asking us for advice don’t you remember what happened last-”

“So what’s up, [Y]?”

-”Oh my god is that a dog?”

“Well, sort of-”

Who’s a good wild animals?? It’s you! You are!!”

“That’s so cute I may vomit.”