Supervillian origin stories???

Supervillians are so fun!!!

I made a typo in the skype group chat and realized i could never regain my honour so meh why not

My cat refused to sit with me on the couch and i became sad

Someone laughed at my contouring on the day I actually put effort into it

As a hero guys would hit on me in my costume and i had to suffer through it, but NOW i can shave their heads into a reverse mohawk SO HA

My little cousin said the villians were cooler and I need to impress xir

I speak like 5 languages. Whens the last time you heard of a multi-lingual hero?? I thought so.

I paid 30$ for a highlighter and it was shitty 😡


Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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