Random ass prompts

i was gonna try and answer questions but. none of them inspired me and it felt too much like homework (which I am avoiding. again) so u get this instead holla

-”You look more like roadkill than I was expecting. Are you sure that you’re [X]?”

-”You can’t take xir from me, please! I know xe was once your child, but xe’s my family now! Xe’s all I have! Please, please don’t take xir from me.”

-”I gotta say, you look good like this.”

“Confused and pissed off?”

“Injured, bound, trusting. Mine. How many people get to see you like this?”

-”You’re just a person, you know that right? That it’s okay to make mistakes? Shit, [X], I don’t know where you came from, but I’m not going to leave you just because you fucked up a little.”

-”Listen, I know [X] is a nasty fucker. I know xe’s using me. But I trust xir okay- xe was the only one ever there for me- don’t make that face, you threw me away! And xe helped me! So you don’t get to judge if I trust xir or not.”

-”Every time I hurt you, you make this face like it’s some kind of penance. You know I don’t care about vindicating your guilt, right? This is supposed to be business.”

-”You’re so cute, love. Thinking you can win a straight fight against me. I’ve been out of your league for quite some time.”

“You’ve been out of my league the whole damn time, dear. This is just more of the same.”

-”Sometimes you look so angry, I just hurt. I want to help you. I don’t know- I don’t know why you’re so hateful all of the time. But I care for you. I want to help you.”

-”I’m fairly certain you aren’t supposed to be wearing my ceremonial robes and sleepwear.”

“Oh no, I’m not planning to sleep in these. I was planning to fuck you in them.”

-”I don’t get why [X] is such a hardass about profanity. They’re good words- they’ve got a very specific place in my lexicon.”

Hey, can I get some prompts for a wizard who has to save the world but doesn’t want to, and a dude who wants to save the world but can’t because he isn’t said wizard? Thanks!

yes ofc!!

i’m going with xe for the wizard but he for the dude b.c dude

not that it matters b.c i didnt use pronouns lmao

-”Oh god, it’s like all you ever do is bitch! Guess what! Everything sucks and you’re the only one who can do anything about it!”

“I didn’t ask for this!”

“No one asked for the world to end either!”

-”If you want to save us all so badly, just bloody do it!”

I can’t.”

“Yeah, well, I won’t.”

-”Oh my god you fucking idiot. You can’t die here- we need you. You should’ve let me get hit. The world needs you.”

I need you.”

-”I can’t do it. I’m not good enough- I’m not enough, okay.”

“No one else is. No one has the potential to be enough either. No one but you.”

-”Fuck, listen. I’d kill for the chance to do what you can do. So you’re going to do it, or I will kill you.”

-”I will curse you, you petty little bastard-”

“We’re all going to die anyway, might as well get a jumpstart on that, kicking your ass into gear.”

-”Kiss my ass you wizard fuck!” screams the dude, leaping at the wizards foes, sword in hand “I’m gonna save your cowardly hoe ass if it’s the last thing I ever do.”

“It probably is going to be.” says the wizard placidly.

-”I can’t believe you’re tying me to the bed.”

“Don’t get any ideas, mage, I just don’t want you running before we meet the oracle.”

“Too late.”

-”Oh my god, you stupid fuck.” sobs the wizard “Don’t you dare die on me! I can’t stop the apocalypse without you. I won’t”

“You used- used to say, that you, that you wouldn’t do it- it at all.” chokes out the dude “Improvement. Get going.”

Character development questions

So these are my personal questions i like to ask myself to get a full breadth and scope of a character’s personality. Your milage may vary, but I encourage you to think about why I ask these before you answer offhand. There will be questions on sex an shit so just ignore if you don’t like that- It’ll be right at the end for easy skipping. This whole things going under a readmore b.c its long as shit.

If you have any staple questions you like to ask that I don’t, tack them on the bottom please!!



Nicknames or alias:

What are they most commonly referred to by-

 loved ones:



people who’ve never met them, but know them by reputation:


Age (both developmentally and chronologically if they age on a not human scale):

Maturity level:

Gender identity:


Sexual orientation:

Romantic orientation:

Physical appearance (i always recommend drawing this out, even if its a crude stick figure. It helps):


Most common three emotions:

General physical health:

General mental health:

Squicks and triggers:

If they have powers, what are they:

Hobbies and skills:


General backstory:

What was their early family life like, from before they can remember:

What was their family life like:

What three emotions do they feel when they think of their childhood:

If they could go back in time to do it again, would they:

Most treasured memory:

Most hated memory:

Story stuff:

Sum up their character arc in one sentence:

Write out the arc in a few key bullet points:

What are the most emotional devastating scenes:

What skills do they start with:

What skills do they end with:

What do you, the writer, know about them that they don’t know yet:

What do they, the character, know about themself that is hidden from the narrative:

Personality questions

If they were an animal, what animal would they be and why:

If they had a superpower, what superpower would it be and why:

What three existing characters in your fandoms would they best get along with:

What three existing characters would they least get along with:

What do they refer to themself as:

What do they dream about:

How do they view themself:

If they could change one thing about themself, what would it be:

What social justice issue are they most passionate about:

Hogwarts house:

Voltron lion:



What colours of clothing do they normally wear:

Do they dress for aesthetic or for comfort:

What kind of makeup do they wear:

What kind of jewelry do they wear:

Opinions on animals:

Favourite drink:

What do they sleep in:


How much emotional labour are they willing to invest:

Do they initiate conversations:

What do the main characters think of them:

What do their enemies think of them:

What does their lover think of them:

What is a strangers first impression of them:

Future stuff

How do they die:

How are they remembered:

What’s their endgame-


Family life:



Top, bottom, or switch:


What do they enjoy most:

How much experience do they have:

How confident are they:

Skill level:

How important is sex to them:

Can I have dialogue prompts between an eldritch abomination who looks like a teenager, and the sad boy he more or less kidnapped, but was adopted by the family with much enthusiasm?

uhhhh okay let me get this straight-

the eldritch abominations family all look more or less human, and the sad boy was forcefully adopted by them? Can do!

-”Maybe we could get a sitcom- you look more or less human most of the time, so it’s possible- not too much cgi.”

“Why would we want a sitcom? We’re not even funny.”

“C’mon, it’s a classic ‘aliens and humans culture gap’ humour trope. This morning you tried to eat bricks for breakfast- comedy gold!”

-”I can’t believe cthulhu is trying to cure my depression with pizza pockets.”

-”Oh c’mon! It’s not like we’re forcing you to come with us-”

“Well, I mean, you kind of are.”

“-and anyway, don’t you want to go for a picnic with us?”

“You eat people.”

-”You are absolutely forbidden from tickling me until you put back on your human face.”

“But I have more hands like this.”

-”You’re so soft”

“Stop feeling me up dude, holy shit. Humans need space”

“But you’re so soft!! Let me pat!”

-”Oh god it’s so hot I’m gonna die.”

WHAT! Oh god-”

“It’s a figure of speech.”

-”My guy, I have to admit. Seeing skinny ass you throwing the 18 wheeler was pretty damn cool.”

-”Oh my god, you’ve been kidnapped by cthulu???”

“Shh [best friend/sibling character] they’ll hear!! And yes. He wears converse.”

-”Motherfucker, you may be an eldritch abomination but regardless. I will fight you for that pizza.”

Hey there, how’s about some dialogue prompts between a shy, book-loving knight and his badass female friend who’s secretly a huge dork?

sure!!! also fair warning i grabbed hold of the ‘reads a lot’ thing and ran with it like the fucking wind

-”Oh my god is that a new book already?” she snorts “Seriously, that’s the third in as many days.”

“I’m not doing anything else.”

“We’re hunting a dragon.”

-The knight valiantly tries to ignore the sharp ache in his shoulder, caused by [friend’s] chin as she furiously reads over his shoulder. He’s pretty they’re about to get to the twist- he can’t afford to be distracted by her crushing him.

-So far today she’s already had to save him from walking into a tree thrice, tripping over a root, walking off a dock and into the harbour, and from walking into a bandit’s camp Thank goodness for [friend], god knows how he’d read while traveling without her.

-”Oh my god, you think they’re cute right?” she asks, rolling her eyes “so go flirt, god knows you’ve read enough romance novels.”

“I’m more of an action guy and- stop pushing me- I mean. Look at them.”

“I am. You’ve got great taste.”

-”I can’t believe we’ve been captured.” 

“I know! I hadn’t even finished my chapter!”

-”I can’t believe xe challenged me to a duel! Xe could barely hold a sword!”

“I don’t think xe thought you were a real knight, is all.”

Thanks [friend], you’re a real pal.”

-”Please stop beating people up for me.”

“Someone needs to defend your honour sir-reads-a-lot.”

“You can do that in other ways than harpy-shrieking and smacking the snot out of civilians.”

-”Oh no, I just don’t like most other knights. They’re loud and aggressive, mostly, and more than a few have stolen my books.”

“What about your friend over there? She don’t seem like the quiet sort.”

“Oh, [friend]? She’s awesome. I’d kill for her.” he blinks “I mean, not in like, a treasonous way-”

-”Gods, how do you fight in this armor?” she grumbles, fiddling with the straps of her gauntlets “It weighs, like, fifty pounds.”

“It’s not like you never wear armor.”

“I’m more a toughened cow-hide kind of gal. See if I ever carry your bags for you again”

Could u give me some prompts for a singer in a pretty famous band that has a god complex ???

oh gosh I Tried. i’m not huge on band fic so this was a little tough

-”There’s no reason to worry,” xe waved xir hand dismissively “Everything will work out, people’ll eat up everything we put out.”

-”I worked hard to get where I am!”

“That doesn’t mean you can be an absolute cunt to every now! Are you forgetting you’re a person like everyone else?”

-”I don’t like your attitude.”

“What? Don’t like someone not kissing the ground you walk on?”

-”Of course I think I’m better than you. I mean, I kind of am- people I’ll never meet know my face, my name, fall in love with me. Can you say the same.”

-”You have a show in half an hour!! You should’ve been ready ages ago.”

“So we’ll delay, whatever. People will wait.”

-”Please don’t cause any trouble.”

“I never cause trouble.” xe said, already plotting xir next prank.

-”Just because I’m a narcissistic asshole doesn’t mean I’m mean.”

-”This job is like, 80% emotional labour. I’m fucking rocking it, not everyone can do that sort of thing.”

“Minimum wage workers?”

-”Oh my god, quit your bitching.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, your royal bitchyness. This just in- not everyone cares about you, or everything you do.”

also this an incomplete fic but it’s like my favourite band au ever


Prompt Requests Pt. 2: Electric Boogaloo @corvidprompts

“Hi! Can you maybe do some prompts where A has to keep a secret from B, but it negatively affects their relationship because of all the secrecy? B thinks A is avoiding him? I’m sort of stuck! Thank you for your help! :)”

*laughing* This will be Fun.

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you guys are godsends!! Hey anon! Come check these out! There’s also a few more donated by @smolkitsuneposts

B: You’ve been avoiding me. Did I do something wrong?

A: No, it’s nothing like that!


 B: You’re hiding something. 

 A: What? 

 B: You barely even look at me anymore. If it’s something I said- 

 A: L-look it’s none of your business, alright? It was never your fault in the first place. 


 B:. .. Are you seeing someone else? 

A: Wait, what? Where did THAT- 

B: You’re always “busy” doing something. You hide your phone, you don’t tell me where you’re going, you clam up when I ask you about your day- 

 A: I would NEVER! 

 B: Then tell me what the hell your problem is, if you really have nothing to hide.  

hey ya! Ok, so basically I need your help as to how start my story. I know thats very subjective, but whatever you come up with will still be wayyy better than what I got, which is *nada*. I wanted it to start with a spar between a young girl, who isnt great with swords but act like she is, and her moody teacher who feels like he is too good to be teaching such a “spoiled brat”.

Hey! @smolkitsuneposts donated a prompt! Thank you fren ❤

-“Your stance is weak,” he drolled, easily blocking his student’s side-slash, “and your wrists are too loose." 

 "This stance is most comfortable for me,” she snapped, though she corrected her sloppy footwork.

 "Have you even been practicing your slashes outside of my classes?“ he easily sidestepped the thrust of her blade,sliding his own down the screeching metal. 

 "A bit,” she panted, “but I’ve also been teaching myself some new moves." 

"Then why am I even bothering to teach you-” with the flick of his wrist, his blade sent hers flying out of her hand, “-if you are not willing to learn?" 

here’s some more!

-He never praised her. He called her weak, and stupid, he’d send her into the dirt, he’d criticise everything from her shaky knees to her limp wrist, but he never praised her. Ever. So why should she bother to do what he says?

-The first time she ever landed a blow on him, he tossed her to the ground and pointed the edge of his sword against her throat. Maybe there’s potential here. Maybe.

But he didn’t care for the wetness in her eyes and sneered instead of instructed. She was too cocky to learn, and too weak to teach.

-”Again.” She snapped.

“You’re not ready.”


Maybe if he broke something, she’d stay down and realize how far she still needs to go.

– She was going to be glorious one day, and she knew it. It seemed like only she knew it, her poncy teacher skipping out as often as she could drag him in, and self study always got interrupted by someone laughing at her gawky stance or wide slashes. But she was learning- she was good. She was going to be good, teacher or no.

Hope these work as starters for you!! Good luck!! Let me know if you’d like some more

O Great Birb, I ask of you some reasons for two high schoolers to be hanging out after school

O brave anon


oh wait shit i almost finished this list thinking ‘they’re staying after school together’ but no theyre just hanging out lmao whoops

-Drugs b/c stereotypes

-They’re going shopping together for clothes/ makeup/ art supplies

-going to a movie together!! gotta see them action movies

-Homework/ group projects

-They’re gonna go clean up on of their rooms together b/c its easier with a friend

-Going to a playground together to go on the swings for 5 hours without feeling like a creepy loner

-YA fiction discourse time

-They’re gonna go to a new cafe together and critique the drinks to one another in a snooty announcer voice

-going to an art museum together b/c its no fun alone

If you could, could you give me some domestic fluff prompts? Like I know that you don’t know abt Aston and their found fam but I’d love to see what u come up with from what you know from what I gave u. if you don’t want to, just some regular domestic fluff prompts would be cool

aaa domestic fluff

this will be a mix of regular domestic fluff and then some fluff prompts pulling from what i know of your verse

-”Psionic powers or no, it’s your turn to wash the dishes. Please try not to break any.”

-”Who knew we could cram 5 people and a dog into a queen bed?”

-”Did you just whistle at me?” 

“You look beautiful- the blue brings out your eyes. So when’s your date picking you up?”

“First tell me why you’re holding a sword.”

-”You know, some families have a parent who randomly disappears into the multiverse. It’s just another kind of love.”

-”Macaroni art is for little kids.”

“So you don’t want me to wear it to work?”

“..That’s not what I said.”

-”We can’t get a dog until we find a child who can speak to dogs because I don’t have the patience to house train the regular way.”

-”You are not going to parent teacher night. Especially not all of you.”

-”I’m fairly certain I didn’t have this many siblings this morning.”

-”Does anyone know where the vacuum is? No wait- I expect whatever machine the vacuum is now a part of to be disassembled immediately and the vacuum returned to it’s former state.”