Do you know anything about the witness protection program? I did some research but I couldn’t find very much. Thank you!

*buzzing noises*

okay] i researched the us program for this since most of y’all are americans (or writing fanfic about americans)

so first things first: you do get new papers. like social security or birth certificates. Im not entirely sure if you get a new passport. People tend to ask for better grades for children, but that’s not granted. the first time you change names, youre usually allowed to keep your first name to make the change less jarring, but after that it might be random

Less than 5% of people in witness protection are innocent to any crimes. Seriously.

When you’re in the program. you’re allowed to leave at any time you want. So far, no one actively abiding by the program has been killed, but people who’ve left it to go to a funeral or something have been

If you go into protection and meet someone and then fall in love with them, you cant tell them shit. even if you’re married. they never get to know. a lot of members tend to feel really isolated since they aren’t allowed to tell anyone the truth of their old life 

in short- 100% legal new identity, restricted travelling, and social isolation r key features in joining the witness protection program

here’s some articles i used for more info

and moree


yeah boi

and five to round it out

i recommend reading those because this is more a quick summary

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