Hey! I’ve got a question, if you wouldnt mind helping me out a bit. So I’m writing a short horror story. How do I maintain a sense of background suspense and tension while my two main characters are just doing normal things? the story starts with a brief glimpse of the antagonist’s perspective, then transitions to a thirdperson narration of the two characters. I want to maintain a background of slight suspense during this so that the transition later back to horror isn’t so jarring. Any advice?

Bruh. I got you. Ish. this isn’t my genre exactly but it certainly is @smolkitsuneposts and she’s been tormenting me for weeks.

(i swore a lot in this tutorial. forgive me)

Basically the trick is to keep things feeling just on the edge of too normal- my favourite trick is to use too many fucking adverbs, and to give just a little too much descriptions- this makes everything feel hyperaware, like the characters are taking in too much stimulus from the outside world so they can react to something 

You ever notice in horror movies, especially old hitchcock films, that they’ll zoom in close on something, or linger just a little too fucking long on some inane detail? Do that. The Lottery (you know, the short story where someone is stoned to death to appease a farming god?) Opens up with an absolutely excessive amount of detail on how nice a day it is. My english prof was like “This? This here, where the author is telling you everything is fine? Never, ever trust that.”

Make sure all the inane details you really leave your focus on are relevant later- spend three pages describing a bland cafe that’s just on this wrong side of uncanny valley? That cafe is later where someone gets murdered. Loud gasp! Or something. All of a sudden that shiny chrome countertop is stained and ugly.

Speaking of which- since you’re doing a third person narrative, the speaker can foreshadow shit. X had a habit of leaving xir car keys in odd places, and Y was forever warning xir about losing them under the fridge, beneath the counter, or some other hard-to-reach spot.

Later on, of course, the car keys are absent and hard to find just as X needs them. Have you ever read The Fall of the House of Usher? Fucking Poe spends a good page and a half describing an unseen fissure in the house, and then at the end has the house completely destroyed.

Don’t name characters- leave everyone but the most absolutely essential characters unnamed and undescribed. It’ll leave your main characters feeling isolated and alone even in like a supermarket or some shit. That said, make sure there are other characters around, they’re just empty and background (again, in the lottery very few characters are given a first and last name. One of them is the unlucky winner, of course)

I like to use the counting crows rhyme right before big events in my stories- right before a key scene my main character notices crows, and the number corresponds to this old poem. People who know the poem get a hint, but those who don’t can still pick up on the fact that something’s going to happen. The Godfather movie does the same thing if I remember correctly- whenever you see oranges, someone is either about to die, or about to almost die. Pick a thing and have your characters talk about it right before an event.

*crow noises*

Character development questions

So these are my personal questions i like to ask myself to get a full breadth and scope of a character’s personality. Your milage may vary, but I encourage you to think about why I ask these before you answer offhand. There will be questions on sex an shit so just ignore if you don’t like that- It’ll be right at the end for easy skipping. This whole things going under a readmore b.c its long as shit.

If you have any staple questions you like to ask that I don’t, tack them on the bottom please!!



Nicknames or alias:

What are they most commonly referred to by-

 loved ones:



people who’ve never met them, but know them by reputation:


Age (both developmentally and chronologically if they age on a not human scale):

Maturity level:

Gender identity:


Sexual orientation:

Romantic orientation:

Physical appearance (i always recommend drawing this out, even if its a crude stick figure. It helps):


Most common three emotions:

General physical health:

General mental health:

Squicks and triggers:

If they have powers, what are they:

Hobbies and skills:


General backstory:

What was their early family life like, from before they can remember:

What was their family life like:

What three emotions do they feel when they think of their childhood:

If they could go back in time to do it again, would they:

Most treasured memory:

Most hated memory:

Story stuff:

Sum up their character arc in one sentence:

Write out the arc in a few key bullet points:

What are the most emotional devastating scenes:

What skills do they start with:

What skills do they end with:

What do you, the writer, know about them that they don’t know yet:

What do they, the character, know about themself that is hidden from the narrative:

Personality questions

If they were an animal, what animal would they be and why:

If they had a superpower, what superpower would it be and why:

What three existing characters in your fandoms would they best get along with:

What three existing characters would they least get along with:

What do they refer to themself as:

What do they dream about:

How do they view themself:

If they could change one thing about themself, what would it be:

What social justice issue are they most passionate about:

Hogwarts house:

Voltron lion:



What colours of clothing do they normally wear:

Do they dress for aesthetic or for comfort:

What kind of makeup do they wear:

What kind of jewelry do they wear:

Opinions on animals:

Favourite drink:

What do they sleep in:


How much emotional labour are they willing to invest:

Do they initiate conversations:

What do the main characters think of them:

What do their enemies think of them:

What does their lover think of them:

What is a strangers first impression of them:

Future stuff

How do they die:

How are they remembered:

What’s their endgame-


Family life:



Top, bottom, or switch:


What do they enjoy most:

How much experience do they have:

How confident are they:

Skill level:

How important is sex to them:

Greetings. So my story is based on a flashback and it leads to where the plotline starts. The first scene starts off with my main character in therapy with his therapist. Could you give some advice or tips on how I could incorporate this into the first scene and the rest of the story? Your advice has really helped in the past so thank you and keep up the good work.

Hey!! I’m so glad the blogs been helpful for you ❤

I got two other prompts really really similar to this in my asbox from an anon- were those you? please let me know so I can clear them if they are!

disclaimer: not a therapist 

This would be a great first scene if you need to infodump a little bit! The therapist and the main character can go over his behaviours, setting up a general idea of what he’s like. Say he has trouble with social interaction, bringing that up now will queue the reader into the fact that the mc may miss things in conversations the reader finds easy to spot. you can also have the mc talk about how he feels as though he’s (for example) being followed, which the therapist figures is a result of his paranoia, only to reveal later that he is in fact being followed. Or maybe he isn’t. All of a sudden the reader needs to try to figure out which tropes are actually at play in plot, and which are the result of the mc’s mental illness.

 You can pre-introduce characters that become relevant later by having the mc talk about them. The mc can also talk about his recent experiences, providing a history and background for the plot based fuckery, instead of just one day ‘oh fuck i’m in a car chase now there was no lead up to this’ you get a chance to see the mc talk about previous encounters that are definitely Not Normal and how he feels about them.

I don’t know how big a role the therapist is meant to play, but if you keep xir (you didnt specify a pronoun), then xe can play an integral role in piecing together information gained from the mc, another client xe has that is also related to the plot somehow, and what xe learn first hand through xir involvement in the plot. Of course, then there’s the confidentiality thing. Make sure you do research into when exactly a therapist is allowed to intervene or reveal information to the authorities.

things the mc learns in therapy can also play a part in later plot shit, ie. a big part of therapy for bpd (i know, I’m listing random stuff, but i don’t know what your mc has exactly so I’m being broad) is doing the opposite of how one feels when that feeling is negative. Your mc would be motivated to help others not by virtue of being a naturally helpful person which he might also be) but also because of techniques taught in dialectical behaviour therapy

hope this is helpful! 

What kinds of details are appropriate to include when describing a (slow, tender) kiss? I feel like I’m running out of ways to say “kiss” “lips”, “mouth”, etc. in a way that doesn’t make it sound like they’re biting each others faces off.



yeah.. i’m literally the worst person to ask given that mouth kissing disgusts me and i dont really read romance novels. #romancerepulsed

Followers? Pls help

You could include taste, touch, sight, smell, pressure, other senses (bc we have more than just five basic senses). Where are their hands? Is this kiss quick or drawn out? Have they kissed before? Is it hot or cold? Are they heating up? Emotions? Thoughts? Go with your gut. I don’t know what romance is like but from what I’ve read, that’s a good list to go by. Consider everything. Think of more than just the kiss. Think about the rest of their body.


@akayamadanjaydotcom put in this too!

Do you know anything about the witness protection program? I did some research but I couldn’t find very much. Thank you!

*buzzing noises*

okay] i researched the us program for this since most of y’all are americans (or writing fanfic about americans)

so first things first: you do get new papers. like social security or birth certificates. Im not entirely sure if you get a new passport. People tend to ask for better grades for children, but that’s not granted. the first time you change names, youre usually allowed to keep your first name to make the change less jarring, but after that it might be random

Less than 5% of people in witness protection are innocent to any crimes. Seriously.

When you’re in the program. you’re allowed to leave at any time you want. So far, no one actively abiding by the program has been killed, but people who’ve left it to go to a funeral or something have been

If you go into protection and meet someone and then fall in love with them, you cant tell them shit. even if you’re married. they never get to know. a lot of members tend to feel really isolated since they aren’t allowed to tell anyone the truth of their old life 

in short- 100% legal new identity, restricted travelling, and social isolation r key features in joining the witness protection program

here’s some articles i used for more info

and moree


yeah boi

and five to round it out

i recommend reading those because this is more a quick summary

Hello wise and mighty birb, I have a question. I have a character who is asexual, but I’m not 100% sure how to write this properly..



I’m asexual so??

EDIT: this has been edited for clarity of language, adding information in I either forgot or decided to cut initially for length or because i thought it was too technical for a how-to-write post, and all around been checked over for errors. I’ve also put in an effort to look for any internalized biases I may have had that gave this post a skewed feel, and the post has been edited in an attempt to make it more inclusive.

A big Thank You to the user who brought up these errors to my attention! I don’t claim to be perfect, and I know my posts aren’t the end-all-be-all of information. If you guys ever spot any errors in my posts, or have extra info, always feel free to reblog it with the information, or bring it to my attention. I feel like working together with your guys is one of the most important features of this blog to make sure everything is as accurate and detailed as possible, like the chain posts we’ve had on usa flag discourse and emetophobia. I really do want you guys to message me if you’ve feel I’ve messed up somewhere- I’m 18, I’m still learning, and I promise if you feel like there’s something you feel I need to learn, I will listen.

This is still written for the purposes of a how-to-write post

Asexuality is defined by a person having low or no sexual attraction to another person! This doesn’t mean that an ace person is blind to physical attractiveness, it just means the ace persons thought process might work a little differently

She was a shapely woman, with a slender waist and large, firm breasts. Her hips swayed as she walked, straight-backed and seductive


She had really large breasts and they looked fantastic, but man oh man, they must hurt when she walks down the stairs or something. I wonder if she uses some kind of corset to hold them up- it would explain her stiff posture.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that an ace person is entirely blind to sex appeal, though. An ace person will probably notice more revealing outfits or the stereotypical femme fatale red lipstick, but they’ll likely focus on describing the aesthetic of the person, rather than the sort of ~emotions~ evoked by it. 

Say you have a succubus trying to seduce your ace person. Sure, most ace people (though not all) are capable of getting physically aroused. But it’ll be less like a seduction and more like

ace person: well.

ace person: time to go eat popcorn aggressively

succubus: don’t you wanna fuck?

ace person: lmao popcorn

i mean, sure. Some ace people have sex. Some don’t. It’s all a personal decision.

Asexual people tend to fall into one of three categories- sex repulsed, sex neutral, and sex-favourable.

Sex repulsed (or sex averse) asexuals find sex disgusting, upsetting, or otherwise associated with negative emotions. Sex repulsed aces might avoid places associated with sexual context, like bars, nightclubs, or comedy movies- not all of them, of course, but comedies that rely heavily on sexual humour might be out (Spy with Melissa Mccarthy for example!). Sex repulsed are the least likely group of aces to have sex at all, especially if they are also aces with low/ no libido or low/ no physical arousal.

Sex neutral aces have no strong feelings about sex, the same way one might have no strong feelings about unloading the dishwasher. It’s something one might do if their partner or friend is into sex, or if the person in question has a higher libido. Sex neutral aces might not be bothered by sexual content in low doses, but still might seek to avoid things containing a great deal of sexual content.

Sex favourable aces are usually fairly on board with sexual jokes and references- essentially, while a sex favourable ace doesn’t feel attraction, they’ll probably be just fine with engaging in sexual humour. Sex positive aces are the most likely aces to have sex, especially one night stands or those sort of things.

Another thing to note is that asexual=/= aromantic. With most sexualities, you can kinda assume that the romantic and sexual preferences line up, but not with aspec stuff!! that’s why you hear phrases like ‘ace lesbian’ ‘aromantic bisexual’ or ‘aroace’. This isn’t a post on aromantic people who aren’t ace, so I’m only including info on or applicable too aroace folks

A non aro ace person can still feel crushes and romantic love! Hence non-aro. There might be some stress on the ace character to feel sexual, or they might feel underdeveloped or not ready despite knowing they’re ace. There’s also a lot of pressure from the media and societal norms to have sex once in a relationship. Even if the relationship is healthy and loving and full of good communication, the ace person might still feel like they ~arent doing enough~ since there’s no sex. 

An aromantic ace person won’t have crushes at all! No romantic tension, no sexual tension. Some aromantic people feel alterous attraction, which is often described as being like friendship, but more intense and deeper, with the added desire to touch (like holding hands or snuggling), but not as passionate as romance. Some aroace people might think that it is romance, and end up in a relationship that they’re uncomfortable in. Some aroace people can also be aplatonic, which means they don’t desire any kind of companionship. It depends on the person my man

a ~bad~ example of an aplatonic aromantic is voldemort. Often times villians are aromantic and that’s used as a~motivator~ of their ~evilness~. please don’t do this.

Aromantic people also fall on the romance repulsed/neutral/positive spectrum

A lot of ace and aroace people struggle with microaggressions like ‘You’re just a late bloomer’ ‘people just aren’t people without love and sex’ ‘unmarried people must be so unhappy’ and the fact that nearly all media involves a romance plot and the majority include some kind of sexual references if not a blatant sex scene. 

You know how everyone is touting wonder woman as god tier? Yeah, I loved it, but man I’m so sick of that kind of moral lesson of ‘love taught me goodness’. A very aro-unfriendly movie. (see the voldemort comment above)

A lot of language is full of microaggressions that are tough to notice. These things can also be subjective- when i first wrote this post i used the phrase ‘non aro aces can feel crushes fine’ to mean than non aro ace people would still feel crushes, but the phrasing is confusing and subjective, and can be hurtful. The phrase ‘just friends’ irks me, and I know I still use it since it’s such a common phrase and view of platonic relationships. It’s extremely tough to cut such phrases from your vocabulary, especially if you aren’t in a place where you can be open about your id and have to perform heteronormativity in order to ensure your safety.

lastly: JOKES!!!! jokes r the cornerstone of an ace character. Cake jokes, food jokes, exaggerated flirting between friends ect ect. Jokes make a character!!!

I was given these links by the user who asked me to edit this post, and I definitely think they’re worth checking out. This is one on asexual people with no libido or arousal and this is one on the ace experience

Hope this is helpful!!

o great torture birb please tell me where to stab someone so it will hurt a lot but not kill them

Hi fren! I’m assuming this is for a fight or something similar?

Non-fatal places to stab include places like the outside of the thigh, the forearm, and the hand.Those are all really easy place to hit and could be possible targets in a fight. You could also try for the shoulder and the upper rm- those have arteries in them so be careful! Strategic miss lmao.

Any minor stab (like if you just catch them while theyre jumping away) isnt going to do much. Minor wounds arent that serious (almost like they’re *gasp* minor) but wounds to the bends or any bendy place suck. Also to the face- if you stab someone through the cheek it’s going to ruin their whole month.

That being said- being stabbed doesn’t hurt that much! Not if you’re all full of adrenaline! If you get stabbed during a fight, it’ll register like a punch or a blow. On a forum I was using for research, a person said they had got stabbed multiple times during a fight a and didn’t notice until someone pointed it out! This has a few exceptions- getting stabbed in the hand or cheek is gonna SUCK.

A non fatal way to cut someone but to cause some serious damage is to cut opposite the muscle grain. the big muscles in your highs run up and down so you can pull your leg up, right? So cut left to right and it’s sever the muscle making it difficult/ impossible to use that leg until it heals. You can also slash diagonally through the abdominal muscles which will make doing anything involving the core (aka a fucking lot of stuff) a nightmare

Writing Characters With Different Styles of Intelligence

Aka Psych 105

There’s a different theory of styles of intelligence for nearly every founding researcher on intelligence. I had to learn 8 for a midterm ugh.

Depending on which theory you’re using, there can be as few a two types of intelligence, and as many as 16000. Seriously. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m going to be using Howard Gardners 9 types of intelligence, because it’s the first one I ever heard of (all the way back in grade 7) and because it gives me a lot of room to work with without being overwhelming. Also because I like the number 9.

What I’m gonna do is name the intelligence, give you a summary of what it is, give you a rundown of what someone with high intelligence would be good at, and examples of a character with high and a character with low intelligence. (I’m gonna try to stick to Popular characters, so expect a lot of harry potter lmao)

Most people will be above average in 1-3 styles of intelligence inherently, but putting effort into something will improve your intelligence levels! 

-Nature type intelligence

Natural intelligence is usually referred to as ‘having a green thumb’. Natural type intelligence refers to intelligence regarding plants, animals, rocks- it’s essentially ‘evolutionary’ intelligence. It’s a bit hard to explain-it involves the ability to figure out where animals would probably be, what plants you would find where and what they could be used for, how to act in the prescense of animal, and being able to tell the weather from the clouds. Someone with high natural intelligence would probably be an excellent hiker and gardener, and probably a great person to go camping with. A character with high natural intelligence would be Neville longbottom (and probably luna lovegood too) from Harry Potter and a character with low natural intelligence would be Draco malfoy. Seriously, what a cunt.

-Auditory intelligence

Auditory intelligence is sound- based intelligence. Auditory intelligence includes skills like discerning pitch and tone, and being able to tell flaws or mistakes in a song or persons voice. Someone with high auditory intelligence would learn best from lectures, be able to recall details from verbal conversations, and would probably be a great musician or singer. People with high auditory intelligence will also likely have high logical/ mathematical intelligence, or high interpersonal intelligence (tho not always both). A character with high auditory intelligence would be Beca from pitch perfect (she’d be an interpersonal correlated auditory learner!) while a character with low auditory intelligence would be Hagrid from harry potter

-Logical/ mathematical type intelligence

Logical type intelligence is probably be what people think of when they think of ‘intelligence’. Logical type intelligence deals with numbers and conclusive data- someone with high logical intelligence can look at a scrambled rubix cube and figure out an algorithm or movements that will get them to the completed cube. Logical intelligence works with symbolic thought  (ie. imaginary numbers) and sequential thinking. Someone with high logical intelligence would be good as a mathematician, doctor, physicist, or other science based disciplines. An example of a Logical thinker is actually Ron Weasley from harry potter (remember his chess skills?) alongside Hermione granger, while a character with poor logical intelligence would be Lance mcclain from voltron

-Existential type intelligence

Existential type intelligence relates to the more philosophical parts of life- the meaning of life, of death, of right and wrong. A lot of protagonists should have this kind of intelligence- what does it mean to do ‘good’? To have a cause? Bonus points if your antagonists are both high existential types, but have very different ideologies. Harry potter and Voldemort both are strong existential types, while a poor existential type would be pidge gundersen from voltron

-Interpersonal type intelligence

This is people skills! Interpersonal intelligence involves reading a situation and responding correctly, being able to help people through a crisis, negotiating, and delivering a convincing speech. A lot of typical fan faves have really high interpersonal intelligence- Naruto Uzumaki is like, the Most. Rival pairings usually include someone with high interpersonal intelligence and someone with low, like lance mcclain and   keith kogane

-Kinesthetic type intelligence

Bodily intelligence! This is the ability not only to be physically strong or fast, but also to be precise. A painter who can’t do a single pushup is still going to have high kinesthetic type intelligence due to the precision of their work, though in a different way. This kind of intelligence is primarily achieved through practice, practice, practice, though some people might be naturally more flexible or genetically predispositioned to bulk up muscle faster. Bella Swan goes from a character with really low kinesthetic intelligence to a character with high kinesthetic intelligence post being vampirified

-Linguistic type intelligence

This is you guys! Linguistic intelligence is language based intelligence, both the learning of and using of languages. High linguistic intelligence is correlated with clear speech, well done essays, and creative works. Someone with low linguistic intelligence would really struggle with the humanities in school, and would have trouble with an essay. Linguistic intelligence tends to be moderately correlated with interpersonal intelligence. A character with high linguistic intelligence would be Takeshi Shirogane (shiro) from voltron- leader types usually are (inspiration speeches anyone?), while a character with low linguistic intelligence would be Neville longbottom

-Intrapersonal type intelligence

This is knowing your ‘self’.

It’s a little hard to explain, but it works with your emotions and reactions and personal limits. This tends to come up less in fiction- the one character I can pull from the top of my head that has plainly high intrapersonal intelligence is Maximum Ride (totally recommend that book series btw.). Intrapersonal intelligence tends to be really emphasized in religious scriptures- be aware of your faults and work past them to be kind. A character with low intrapersonal intelligence would probably be lance mcclain- he has an extremely negative view of himself despite his strong interpersonal skills.

-Spatial type intelligence

This is also called visual type intelligence! Spatial type intelligence is the ability to visualize things in a 3 dimensional plane, remember approximate distances, and being able to recreate scenes from memory. People with high spatial intelligence tend to learn by seeing images or watching clips, an tend to be excellent painters and sculptors. Spatial intelligence also has to do with a sense of direction- navigators needs to have high spatial intelligence. A character with high spatial intelligence would be harry potter- quidditch players all probably have great spatial skills, while a character with low spatial skills would be allen walker from d grey man

hope this is helpful! This is the article i used as my guide