hi torture birb ! so i’m writing a character that’s being kept blind for a long periods of time (weeks-months) while still interacting with other characters and i don’t know the best way to keep them in the dark without resorting to something that would cause Major Long Term Effects like actual blindness and anything with the eyes. i’m trying not to make it something medically because the captor is not necessarily trained At All but ¯_(ツ)_/¯ i’m just not sure what the best way to do it is


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Nah son this is torture birb’s baby birb thing.
The setting your character is placed in will undoubtedly affect the whole blindness situation. Is it the past or present?
You can also Google “temporary blindness causes” and it gives you a huge list of causes, most of which your captor may not actually be able to use if they haven’t done any research about blinding someone…

There’s Conversion Disorder, which is mentioned in several sites about temporary blindness. Your captive may simply experience psychological trauma and display the blindness symptom.

You can also simply keep the captive’s room dark, or simply blindfold them.
I’d go with confinement and blindfolding.
But be careful of stress positions!!! Keep your captive tied up for too long and they can actually die from kidney failure. Let them stretch, try a different position. I recommend changing their position every one to two days.

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hope this helps!!! Good luck my dude.

For my portion of the answer!

I’d definitely recommend sticking to a blindfold! It’s the easiest way to keep someone blind without any long term effects, and it can be very effective! You don’t need to stick to a cloth blindfold- that could come off. Instead, Design your own! Look at how eye patches are made. If you’re of age, you could also do some research into kink blindfolds, but i’d tread carefully.

this right here is an article on a research project where people were kept blindfolded for four days

and interesting read and probably pretty useful! I wish you luck my friend!

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