CROW I AM IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE (pls) so i have a character who dies from a punctured lung but i’m not sure about some things and google is not being helpful. do you know some of the more serious symptoms?



okay so the most deadly kind of punctured lung is called a 

Tension Pneumothorax if u wanna research that. Death will take 30 min-1 hr from that alone, though depending on how hurt they are that could b sped up a lil

im gonna use copy paste liberally here because long medical words 

‘Tension pneumothorax is the progressive build-up of air within the pleural space’ which is the space that surrounds your lungs and is filled with fluid- so a hole through the lung leaking air into that. This is mostly caused by a cut lung so the air leaks into the plural space and not out

‘The classic signs of a tension pneumothorax are deviation of the trachea away from the side with the tension, a hyper-expanded chest, an increased percussion note and a hyper-expanded chest that moves little with respiration. The central venous pressure is usually raised, but will be normal or low in hypovolaemic states.

‘ ur throat bump moves away from the side with the injury (i think?), ur chest is Big but doesnt move much (since it’s swollen with air you can’t expel) and ur veins might look big and swollen unless u bleeding a lot


fast breathing- trying to get that air in!

pain, likely a kind of ‘crushing’ pain, like there’s no room for a breath

bubbly/frothy blood around the injury site and probably the mouth

on the floor, not moving. like, so much pain. don’t move you lie there and die

because of all the trapped air and pressure in the chest, blood can’t pump effectively and you have a heart attack and die.

it’s a messy, ugly business. You’ve got symptoms from blood loss, lack of oxygen, and finally cardiovascular distress as you stop circulating ur blood. If you’re writing from the pov of the person dying, they’ll probably feel their heart absolutely pounding at the last few minutes as it struggles to keep up

im thinking unconsciousness ensues before you actually bite it though. Your last moments would be blue in the face, gasping with a distended chest as you try to move and can’t from pain an injury

it’d be a bad way to die. you might even drool on urself

links i used to research this





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