“[X] is so intimidating.”

“…Dude, you know the new mothers who work here will leave their babies with [X] for a day or two while they get integrated back into the workforce? Because the daycare is slow about accepting applications and [X] is apparently willing to babysit endlessly for people xe barely knows?”

“…I don’t see it.”

“Right? Anyway, spend more than five minutes with xir and xe stops being intimidating, mostly because someone will hand xir a baby.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, not at all.” soothes the werewolf “It feels like an unpleasant rash. Itchy and hot, but not excruciating.”

The new wolf frowns, scratches the place where the bite is still healing “Are you sure?”

“If you’ve had chickenpox, you’ve had worse than turning. Honest!”