Prompt Requests Pt. 2: Electric Boogaloo @corvidprompts

“Hi! Can you maybe do some prompts where A has to keep a secret from B, but it negatively affects their relationship because of all the secrecy? B thinks A is avoiding him? I’m sort of stuck! Thank you for your help! :)”

*laughing* This will be Fun.

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you guys are godsends!! Hey anon! Come check these out! There’s also a few more donated by @smolkitsuneposts

B: You’ve been avoiding me. Did I do something wrong?

A: No, it’s nothing like that!


 B: You’re hiding something. 

 A: What? 

 B: You barely even look at me anymore. If it’s something I said- 

 A: L-look it’s none of your business, alright? It was never your fault in the first place. 


 B:. .. Are you seeing someone else? 

A: Wait, what? Where did THAT- 

B: You’re always “busy” doing something. You hide your phone, you don’t tell me where you’re going, you clam up when I ask you about your day- 

 A: I would NEVER! 

 B: Then tell me what the hell your problem is, if you really have nothing to hide.