sorry to be posting this at such a weird time! i was V Excited! I’ll be reblogging once or twice tomorrow as well

click on the images for details, as you lose a LOT in the shrinkage (i just didnt want to take up ur whole dash)

anyway, i am Totally Up to do a full on acrylic superhero comic! Here’s my concept design for the Hero, Vigilante, and Villain characters- Armored Aurum the hero, Doll Coyote the vigilante, and Throne the villain 

if you think an urban fantasy superhero comic in the style of my limited palette paintings is up ur alley, I’m going to be releasing more info and ways to interact w. the project soon! If you’re really excited, i do already have a ko-fi open and I’ll be using the proceeds from that to buy enough supplies to start the project

I’ll be doing a post soon with ways to support the project and info on the characters and plot soon! but for now i offer u these words of wisdom

it’s finals hell rn and im painting superheros. dont be me