Useless superpowers b/c I can

You can always find matching socks. Always. Reach into your sock drawer in the dark? Matching socks. Reach behind the couch? Matching socks? Reach behind the rosebush at work at 5.43 on a Tuesday in the rain? Matching socks.

All wasps hate you in particular. 

35% invisibility.

You have skin as strong as talc!

You don’t have any allergies. You go you.

You’re human mosquito repellent. Maybe you can like, sell t-shirts you’ve worn for a few days or something.

Your pee is pink instead of yellow. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m writing this list. Go with it. Sometimes this could be a problem at the doctors office or if you ever get drug tested, so there’s a plot there somewhere.

You can never find matching socks. 

All spiders are sexually attracted to you. Nice.

You can talk to dogs. This is an awesome power. I’m jealous of you. But since this is a useless powers list and not an awesome powers list, the fact that you can communicate with dogs disturbs them. They refuse to come near you. Sorry dude.

Ducks. What about ducks? Who knows.