“Sooo, wanna go on a date?” asks the succubus, finally.

“Hm?” hums the angel who is busy reading a book on early feminist theory.

“I mean, you’ve been feeding me (thanks for that) for a few months now. I feel like maybe we should hit up a movie together.”

“Oh!” the angel carefully slides zir bookmark onto the page and closes it “Well we could. That sounds nice to be honest.”

“Great! We can see-”

“Let’s go see the new Saw! Or perhaps The Quiet Place.”

“You’re such a fool,” xe grins “You’re so cute. And stupid.”

“Thanks, I think?”

“Hnn, don’t be… kind. I’ve never met a person as kind as you. It’ll get you killed.” xe sniffs, and fixes zir with a look “You’re not allowed to get killed, understand. I need you.”