Can you tag all the witch verse prompts on here? I’m not allowed to get a wordpress :(

I’m sorry i don’t think that’s possible 😦

i’m backtagging by searching for keywords so I can focus on one kind of prompt at a time. Tumblrs search feature is nonfunctional and I don’t want to scroll through hundreds of pages of various stuff to backtag

I don’t know why you don’t have access to wordpress but some possible solutions:

there is a free wordpress option or! you can just use my website without a wordpress account and bookmark or otherwise archive the posts you like

When i put together a tagslist page i’ll try and put it together here on tumblr too, so the corvidprompts tumblr has a link to all the cohesive tags on my wordpress site. So there will be a tags page but the links will take you to the wordpress

That’s probably the best i can do, sorry anon 😦

Hi, I’m new to wordpress and had a question, how do you find specific groups of posts? Like superhero/villain or all the witchverse prompts?


okay so here’s how I’ve been doing it

in the upper left corner theres a little button that looks like this

click on menu and it will give you this

the search function is amazing search for any keyword you want

click on the prompt of your choice, and then scroll down and you will see the categories/tags section

and you can navigate from there

i need to figure out how to make a tags page but i havent yet

I follow you both here and on WordPress, and I was wondering, if we use one of your prompts on our own WordPress blogs, can we leave a comment on the blog with the link? I know you like reading fills on here, but I wasn’t sure if you had a preferred way for handling it on WordPress. Thanks! <3

To use on wordpress- link the post u used in your fill

and then comment on my prompt post letting me know it’s been used!

😀 glad to have you around friend

Hey, I dunno if you’ve already done this before, but if not, could you perhaps make a little compilation of neo-pronouns? I’d really like to get into using more than just xir/xe!

You’re in luck! I created a post about this for my wordpress! You can find it here