“I’m not supposed to be nice.” says the witch “You misunderstand- I am a witch. I am an agent of magick. There is a way of things I am not supposed to interfere with.”

“You could’ve cured me.” whispers the vampire “That first night, like nothing had ever happened. You could’ve fixed me.”

“I have the capability.” allows the witch “But why would I? It had been done. It was not my place to make it undone.”

“Dog.” the alpha werewolf signs, pointing in between each gesture “Dog. Dog. Dog. There’s a dog, [witch].”

“Yes,” sighs the witch “You do realize you’re a werewolf, right? Don’t you get your fill of petting canines at the pack house?”

“Ask them if I can pet the dog.” signs the werewolf, attention focused sharply on the soft looking golden retriever “Please, [witch?]”

“Are you just going to sit there,” snarls the werewolf “While ze dies?”

There’s a person on the floor, werewolf bite already rotting away at zir guts. Whoever this visitor the the shoppe is, na sure fucked up.

Fortunately, this is not witch business. “Not my business. There’s a local pack nearby, if you’d like to fix your mistake. Good luck explaining to the alpha why you’re on eir territory, and why you bit a local.”

“Hey,” asks the vampire, a little nervous “If you hate people showing up at the shop after hours and stuff so much… Why don’t you just add more wards? Or start turning people away?”

The witch cocks an eyebrow “What would you have done if I didn’t let you stay here?”

“Ah… Well…”

“Yeah. I’m an asshole and everyone needs to fuck off. But I’m not leaving anyone out in the cold.”

“You’re so pretty,” giggles the werewolf drunkenly “Pretty, pretty witch.”

“Oh my god you’re heavy,” grunts the witch. Xe’s got the werewolf slung across both shoulders like a particularly unwieldy duffel bag “Why did you do that last round of shots. Why didn’t I stop you?”

“I’m so lucky,” grins the werewolf loopily “Lucky, lucky werewolf. I love you.”

“Gay,” the witch mutters awkwardly “But you are too heavy. I need a break.”

The alpha of the local werewolf pack is an autistic teenager who does not speak, and only signs sporadically. It makes business dealings more difficult- the witch may speak all xe likes, but responses are sparse and often not clear.

Still, the witch isn’t rude enough to turn to the alpha’s second- alpha is alpha and who is xe to protest who the pack elects as their head, even if it would be easier to do business with someone who is easier to communicate with?

Business is business, but respect is another thing. So xe always speaks to the alpha.

A small list of things vigilante mercenaries are not meant to do:

Get injured

Trust an employer

Be merciful

Be soft.

But there’s a little witch kid setting the woods on fire behind xir as xe runs, sobbing in fear from what’s chasing xir.

Ze’s a mercenary, not a monster. Ze takes xir with zir.