“You’re not allowed to harm me,” says the heir.

“You think that matters? You’re just a second-born spare!” sneers the lord who was to be the heirs ally, blade held to the heirs throat “I’ll save us all the trouble and kill you here- what can you do to stop me?”

“Nothing,” says the heir “But xe can.”

The mercenary brings the weighted end of xir spear on the turncoats head. Ze does not get up.

“Bitch.” says the mercenary.


DBH prompts

The android fiddled with a loose thread in the uniform. “My programming does not dictate – ”

“Screw your programming,” the cop said. “What do you want?”

“The deviant hunter will come for us if we’re not careful,” warns the PL700 “So I need you to pretend like nothing has changed, okay?”

“Do I have too?” asks the YK500 “I’m scared. I don’t want to stay here.”

“It’s only until I find out some place safe for us to go. You heard about what happened to that AX400 the other day? Hit by a car fleeing the hunter? We’ll leave as soon as we can.”

“There are no androids here,” says the human to the police “But you’re welcome to come in if you’d like.”

“I’d appreciate that.” says one of the cops, making to step inside.

The android hiding behind the door readies xir knife, shares a glance with the human. It’s going to be okay.

“Can you taste things?” asks the human “Like, do you want to go to starbucks with me?”

“I- are you asking me you on a date?” asks the android

“Yes. We could do a movie! I like movies. Do you like movies?

Just for a moment, gazing up at [Antagonist], xe thinks about giving up



Letting everything end

It hurts so much. [Antagonist] is hurting xir, and everything is awful and it would be so much easier to just-

(If xe lets go, xe can be with xir lover again)

(It’s tempting and awful, and xe thinks about it)

But when [Antagonist] goes to end it-

xe moves

and scrambles to xir feet.

“Not today.” xe says “Not any day.”

“And it comes back to this. To us. Standing here. Blades to each other’s throats.” the villain grins “Are you gonna kill me, love? You’ve never been able to befo-”

The hero’s hand flicks down in an arc of blood. Before, no. Xe couldn’t. But things change.