“Oh my god thats a corpse.” the vampire whispers shakily “That’s- that’s uh-”

“Oh god, are people dumping their garbage here again?” the witch groans “Oh, and it’s in pieces. Wow. Thanks stranger. What a mess.”

“We need to-”

“Dispose of it. It’ll be good feed for the roses.”

“When witches get married, we tell the other our true name.” says the witch, handing the vampire a jar full of assorted small rodent bones “Marriage is a big deal- it’s dangerous to allow anyone you don’t trust wholly with your name.”

“So… how do witches divorce?” asks the vampire, struggling to hold all the bone jars at once- why do they have so many bone jars? Are bones that good of a seller?

“If it’s amicable you just agree not to be married anymore.” says the witch, smiling “If it’s not amicable, whoever curses first usually wins. There’s a reason most of us stay single”

“I’m not supposed to be nice.” says the witch “You misunderstand- I am a witch. I am an agent of magick. There is a way of things I am not supposed to interfere with.”

“You could’ve cured me.” whispers the vampire “That first night, like nothing had ever happened. You could’ve fixed me.”

“I have the capability.” allows the witch “But why would I? It had been done. It was not my place to make it undone.”

“Hey,” asks the vampire, a little nervous “If you hate people showing up at the shop after hours and stuff so much… Why don’t you just add more wards? Or start turning people away?”

The witch cocks an eyebrow “What would you have done if I didn’t let you stay here?”

“Ah… Well…”

“Yeah. I’m an asshole and everyone needs to fuck off. But I’m not leaving anyone out in the cold.”

“You’re not going to kill me.” snaps the hunter irritably, tugging at the ropes. Stupid territorial vampires. Kidnapping and tying xir up isn’t in human behavioural norms, alright? “You’ve put too much into keeping me alive- you like me.”

“Yeah. And you’re a reckless little thing, picking fights with monsters much bigger than you. You’re too soft for this.”

“Haha. Untie me.”

“And that’s what it comes down to, doesn’t it? You’re just a human, so easily caught and tamed. If you weren’t human, you’d be able to protect yourself.”