hey birb please tell me how to torture a character in such a way that they either dont or wont talk

(disclaimer, not a doctor)

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way 1: does your character never need to regain their voice? Cut out their tongue/ do horrible horrible things to their throat so they can’t make noise.

The vocal folds r just thin tissue and are easily damaged if you’re so inclined wink wink nudge nudge

Even after recovering, your character still won;t have their voice, perfect for a something was taken from me narrative where you can do an in depth recovery arc

way 2. Does your character need their voice again, but you still wanna physically hurt them? You can damage the inside of the mouth, or split the characters face into a glasgow grin

This creates a short term incentive not to speak or use the voice, but your character can physically recover it.

Say the torturer causes the damage because they ‘found your characters voice annoying’ or the like, it’ll create a psychological fear along with the damage that could prevent them from speaking too quickly.

Also, a personal favourite of mine is to stitch the mouth shut to prevent the noise. Minimal psychical scarring (unless infection), long term emotional damage

way #3. No psychical damage to the mouth/ throat? OKay!

Psychologically discourage your character from making noise by punishing them if they cry out. You don’t need to do anything to the mouth and throat, but the brain will wire that speaking=pain and creates an incentive not to do it, even if there’s no physical damage of any kind!

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Hello I am but a simple anon that wishes to know if a character could be tortured to the point that they forget their name or if I should use mind wipe magic stuff

(disclaimer, still not a doctor/psychologist)

Well hello there anon! I’m very pleased to tell you that the answer is yes! I’m also pleased that you mentioned you have magic handy because that gives us more options.

So, o crow of the really weird prompts. How doth we fuck this character up?

The best way to get a character to forget key information through torture would be to create a negative stimuli around it. Taking ‘name’ as the key info, what you could do is have the torturer ask them questions like ‘What is your name?’ If your character answers honestly, punish them. If they say answers like ‘no one, yours, im nobody’ or other desired answers, give them a reward of some kind. Nothing big- a cessation of torture, some bandages, some water. That sort of thing. Repeat for all pieces of key info that you really want gone. This is a ‘positive punishment/ negative reward’ system- the punishment is something being added (pain) and the reward is something being taken away (pain)

Giving your characters hallucinogen and repeating a tape of their ‘new’ backstory (if that is what you desire) while really fucked up can also serve to jumble your characters memories pretty good

Over time, the positive punishment associated with these memories will lead to your characters brain ‘deleting’ them in order to keep safe. It’ll also mean that your character won’t go looking for the truth, as the truth is correlated with increased suffering.

If you combine that with memory magic to smooth the way, well. Fuck you, random character. your at the whims of your author.

With enough stimulus, the memories may start to come back to the character, but again, since the character associates that information with suffering, they’ll work to ‘forget’ it. Your character will work against the memories in favour of their own safety, and may actively sabotage attempts to regain lost information.

Hope this is helpful! ❤

It was not a program thing, according to the author. Just ‘simulated drowning’ using physical objects (and a torture-accelerating chemical that apparently made the character into a killing machine in one day). The character being tortured also wasn’t a robot.

Disclaimer: Not a doctor

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The best answer I can give you is 


which is SUPER HELPFUL I KNOW, so I’m gonna expand my



The short answer: Depends on how far you’re willing to suspend your disbelief.

Long answer:

It’s.. extremely unlikely. 

It’s likely this is a case of a newbie writer who wants to avoid actually torturing a character and/or isn’t sure how to realistically continue. And that’s fine! Everyone starts somewhere. I have werewolf fic from when i was 14 on wattpad and its terrible. Anyway, if you decide to continue I’d suggest dropping a nice comment at the end. It’s really important to encourage young content creators! 

I’m done being sappy crow. have some torture how to’s on how this could work and why it can’t below!

Theoretically, you could use chemicals to make torture more effective! Nerve blockers would prevent pain so u could traumatize your victim as it slowly wore off, chemicals to increase the sensitivity to the skin to make things more intense, hallucinogenics to increase the mental trauma ect ect.

If you’re writing for fandoms where the laws of biochemistry are a bit looser, you could even have chemicals that slow down the perception of time!

I am not sure how you could simulate drowning? It might just be easier to drown ya victim. Fuck up your characters dudes. Torture them.

That being said, there’s no way to turn a character into a killing machine in a single day. Could you completely mentally break someone and turn them into a killing machine? Yes, but over the span of years. You know Bucky from the winter soldier? HYDRA had him for decades and he still wasn’t totally gone- enough stimulus and he started coming back.

A video of some code isn’t going to do anything to a fleshy human. You show them a video of code and they’ll go ‘oh, pixels!’. Unless you’ve had some training in coding, you understand none of it, and even if you do understand it, it isn’t??? gonna reprogram ur brain?????

Most of what you’ve told me just straight up doesn’t work im afraid. Sure, you can justify some of it, but for the most part, I’d say that torture scene is a wash.

I’m working on a fanfiction about Undertale. During a dystopia, android Mettaton is captured for defiance and punished by being sealed inside a trunk and thrown inside a well. He’s curled up on the side, his knees are folded, his chin is pushed against the knees and his arms and hands are wrapped around his chest. He stays like this for a time I haven’t decided yet, most likely six months, and when he gets out he has limited access to mechanics. Could he experience chronic pain? If so, how?



Disclaimer: I’ve never played undertale (also i’m not a doctor, i should’ve put that on my last post as well)

Okay so if Mettaton is an android, his physiology is fundamentally different than a human beings. I’m going to be going about this with the assumption that Mettaton has the same general structure as a human body and the he experiences tactile sensations mostly the same way as a human being (ie. temperature and pressure register the same general way and that his joints work the same/similarly to a humans)

First- If he’s thrown into a well, while being sealed into a trunk in essentially the fetal position- Yes, he’s going to experience a great deal of lasting damage, especially if he has limited access to repairs.

The most obvious problem would be the denting. A human would bruise or break limbs, so depending on how tough his hull is he could deal with broken parts, loose wires, or a dented outer shell. 

His knees could knock against his jaw, which could force him to bite his tongue (assuming that he has one for the purposes of speaking). The force of the knock could also fracture his jaw or his teeth.

If his arms are crossed over his chest, sandwiched between his chest or his knees, then he’s going to do some serious damage to his shoulders. Just from looking at the photos, it seems his arms are made up of interlocking segments. The place where the arm attaches to the shoulder would probably function kind of like a plug-in? and having his arms crossed in such a way would put a strain on the joint, which could end up slightly warped, which would reduce overall function.

If his arms are folded over his knees, so his knees are in between his arms and his chest, he would likely experience a similar problem, especially given he’d probably try to adjust the position of his arms. A repetitive rocking motion could cause a repetitive strain injury, and again, change the structure of the joint.

The big problem is his spine. The curled up position you’ve put him in is going to arch his back and expose his spine. Even a moderate fall could cause severe damage to ones spine, and being forced in that position for 6 months would damage his spine quite badly. the spine is made up of bones with a cushion of cartilage- even if he escaped damage from the fall, the cushion of cartilage would become compressed on one side, he could deal with nerves being pinched or crushed between the bones, and suffer from stress fractures from the awkward positioning.

Another issue would be his torso. In order for the torso to move the way it does, it’s made up of bones that connect with cartilage to offer it flexibility. Spending six months in a prone position could permanently warp or damage the torso.

Given that he’s an android, he wouldn’t have to deal with muscle atrophy, but the lubrication in his joints could become old/less effective which could leave him quite stiff.

And finally, in human bodies the longest nerve is the sciatic nerve, which goes through the hips and down to the feet. This nerve is fragile!! Having his hips titled in the way they would be could irritate or damage the nerve (again, assuming he has something similar)

And ofc you’d have to consider how he would deal with the isolation. Isolation of a period of longer than two weeks is considered torture, and can result in mental illness and ptsd, on top of the physical stress he’s under.

Really, it depends on how close to human you’re making his body. The important things to consider would be- where are his ‘bony’ bits, and what kind of strain are they under?

I hope this helps!! Let me know if there’s anything you need cleared up/ expanded on!

You truly are a gift from the Gods! You have such an extended knowledge! I’m flabbergasted!

If it’s not too complex, would you mind giving me more hints about the isolation thing? The story mostly centres on the aftermath of said isolation, in which he finds out that his creator has killed herself out of the pain of losing her would-be son, and the people he meets are more concerned with fighting the Tyrant than helping him recover. Later on, he’d spend his time tinkering objects and toys out of scraps, and working out between two identities, one more fragile and kind, the other more belligerent and inconsiderate. However, instead of the classic split personality story, the two identities console and support each other.

Aww, you’re too sweet to me! I’m glad this is helpful for you!

Also that sounds like one fuck of a story- i really like it!

Again, disclaimer: never played undertale, not a doctor, not a psychologist. This is going to proceed under the assumption that an andriods thought process works similar to a humans.

I’d recommend looking up articles on the effects of isolation on prisoners. This is a pretty good article to start with. I’d recommend focusing on figuring out what you’d put down as his triggers- dark spaces, confined spaces, the quiet. He was balled up for a long time, so being touched or wearing restrictive clothing might bother him.

It’s likely that if the people he was with were uncaring about his trauma, that he might start to think that what he went through ‘wasn’t that bad’, and he might punish himself for not getting over it quickly enough. This could lead to self-destructive behavior, like doing things he knows bothers him, and refusing to ask for aid even if he really needs it. 

The fact that he’d be working with people to stop The Tyrant would also compound upon his stress. Active combat is incredibly difficult on anyone, let alone someone who’s already struggling with the aftermath of torture.

He might start stimming- tinkering with toys and scraps, yes, but also perhaps flapping his hands, moving around, touching things that weren’t present in the box (ie, soft fabrics, furs, plants, rather boxes or metals). It’s likely he would want to be as unrestricted as possible, and might do motions ‘just because’, such as rotating his wrist or snapping his fingers, as he wouldn’t be able to move very much/at all in the box.

As for the split personality, there’s two ways you can go about this. DID, or dissociative identity disorder, usually develops due to abuse in someone who is very young (under five years). Rather than go for two distinct personalities, you could have Mettaton try to be soft and kind, but struggle with outbursts and uncontrolled rage.

But, given that we are working with an android, you could have it as a part of his programming, that under extreme duress he would develop two personality programs to better cope with trauma and the ongoing stress of his situation. The softer personality would be more suited to quiet moments and dealing with the other’s he’s working with- a quiet, submissive Mettaton who wouldn’t attract any attention or be a target for aggression from others, while the belligerent and aggressive Mettaton would function better in active combat and hostile situations.

I hope this is helpful!! If there’s anything else I can do for you, please just ask! I’m happy to help