“That wasn’t good enough,” says the Goddex to the fallen hero “Try again.”

“I don’t know what you want me to do,” cries the hero “I’m dead. I can’t help anyone anymore.”

“Go back,” says the Goddex “To the beginning. Try again.”

“Time travel plot lines are best left for films, or at least groups where we all like each other and none of us are on medication or have life threatening health conditions.” moans [X] “I have epilepsy, you know. I can’t just go off my meds.”

“What year are we even in,” adds [Y] “and what do we do about menstruation?”

“I can’t believe this,” says the hero looking around “I mean. Time travel. Seriously.”

“Life is a fucking mess,” agrees the vigilante pleasantly “On the plus side, we get to be cowboys for a day.”

“I’m not-”

“Cowboy is gender neutral. And not a furry thing. We’re outlaws!”

“Isn’t that your entire job already.”

“But now we can do it on horseback.”