“You did so well. But I’m here now, so just- just close your eyes. And when you open then again, I promise I’ll’ve made everything better.”

They saw the young girl lying on the slab. She was like a porcelain doll, small and dressed finely. The light reflecting off of the knife by her side shined onto her dress, the silk flowers practically blooming because of it. If her eyes were anymore blank and her brown skin just a bit more shiny, she’d fit just fine on a shelf. Weirdly poetic, in a way.

Their foot dug a bit deeper into the man’s definitely broken arm, his shouts bringing them a bit more joy then they guessed it should. They looked down at his face, the blood from his broken nose accentuating the fear in his eyes beautifully.

“I don’t usually say this, but you’re a real devil aren’t you,” a small smile growing on their face, “Kidnapping these kids, brainwashing them, killing them, doing who’s know what with their remains? You and your group are some sick f*cks.”

The man spit some of the dripping blood out of his mouth and onto the ground. “No one understands. No one’s willing to sacrifice for science. Cowards.”

They grabbed the man by the collar, his broken nose bumping into theirs. “This isn’t science. This is hurting children, children who could have lived happy lives until you ripped that chance away,” their eyes bored into his, “The only coward here is in my hand right now. And now, you’ll be getting some shut-eye.”

They placed their hand onto his forehead, their hand tightening in his hair as his face paled and his body shook as they channeled the fear around them into his body. His eyes rolled back and he went limp in their grasp. They dropped his collar, his body crumpling to the tiled floor.

They were next to the girl in an instant, checking her body for any injuries. They sighed, shoulders loosening slightly in relief of finding nothing. They turned their head to look at the butler and the earl behind them, a wide grin glowing on their face. “Well, here goes nothing!”

They placed one of their hands on the girl’s chest, letting the other fall onto her forehead. They focused their magic, letting it build in their soul, building and building until the green was practically seeping out of their pores and every part of their body burned with it.

They let go. Green tendrils of healing surrounded the two, encircling them like gossamer fabric being woven around them. Green, green was all around, sucking the light out of the room, leaving the two others in the dark as the magic worked. The girl’s body glowed a light blue as her soul joined the chorus, the cyan threads weaving into the green. The place under the hand on her forehead began to glow, the memories of her time trapped in these walls, this horror show, gliding gently into their hand.

The memories glowed even after the healing magic had finished flawlessly restoring her and they had collapsed onto the slab. They watched as the memories slowly faded with no host to hold them, leaving no remains on their hand. They slowly pushed themself straight and looked straight into the knife that had been shoved in their face.

Their eyes looked into the girl’s as she sat up as best she could, brandishing the knife like a sword. “Who are you? Where am I and where is my friend?”

They raised their hands, a calming smile on their face. “Hey, no need for violence here. I’m not going to hurt you.” A bit of magic shot out of their hand and into the girl’s forehead, causing her to drop the knife and to drop forward into their arms.

She tried to push herself off of them, but in the end she fell into their chest. “Who,” her voice said sleepily, “who are you?”

They adjusted her head onto their shoulder, their hand brushing through her thick, black curls. “You did so well. But I’m here now, so just- just close your eyes. And when you open them again, I promise I’ll’ve made everything better.”

They gently placed her back onto the slab, brushing the hair out of her eyes. They turned to the two behind them, leaning backwards against the marble with a bright grin. “I told you I could do it,” they said teasingly.

The two gaped at them, the boy earl’s face twisting in all manner of confused ways while the butler simply gleamed.

They glanced around the room, eyes resting for a moment on each child in the cages surrounding them.

“Well,” they chuckled to themself, “I’ve got a lot of work to do.”