For the doodles: After starting up the car so xe didn’t freeze to death, [X] sat there for a few moments to take in the day xe’d had. Then xe turned to xir coffee and said, “Holy shit. Ze did ask me out on a date.” ((This is a part of one of my stories and I’m curious how you’d draw it,))

sorry,,, maybe i wasn’t clear enough in my second post

i’m only doing drawings of my own work

(Specific but I think this could be an interesting scenario) Could I get incredibly protective parental villain who has xir own child and also ends up having a similar role with the younger hero? (Bonus points if the younger hero and the villain’s child are friends)

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Could you write something dark and unsettling, but with little to no violence? Like a villain that’s creepily obsessing over the hero and all the xe does.

Anonymous said to corvidprompts:bring on the angsty injury prompts crow entity

Y’all are speaking my fucking name 😀

Anonymous said to corvidprompts:i’m gonna be That Person and request just anything to do with vampires. pls

…tbh i still Love vampires a lot i never outgrew that phase lmao i keep writing vampire prompts and then going BUT WHAT IF THEY THINK I’M L A M E


ur in l u c k 😀 😀 😀


I go to a Catholic private school, and before that I was in public. What type of school did you go to and if you went to multiple ones like myself, which was your favorite?

i went to catholic school for kindergarten, regular schools for elementary and grade 7 and a bit of eight, and then a public arts focussed school for grades 8 to 12. Now i’m in uni!!

The arts school was my favourite, but it was also really annoying because they drama department got a lot of funding (since they did plays and brought in money), so us visual arts kids were left with scraps mostly

I’m enjoying university but i’m also In Hell and might be dropping out to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship