How to put magick in your story

like seriously? Magick? How doth that shit work?

Well I have good news for you fucko’s. 

Witchcraft literally has an entire faith system. Some of it’s religious- the biggest religion associated with witchraft is Wicca, but there’s a lot of polytheists and pagans who practice witchcraft as well. Furthermore, witchcraft is a practice that can be added into any religion, including atheism. Some of it isn’t.

So why bring this up?

Well, IRL people practice magick within witchcraft. I do (though I’m pretty shitty at keeping up with it). Your characters can do the same thing, and you can mix hollywood style magick in with irl stuff.

There’s so much information out there on invoking the elements and how stones can be used to change or amplify your magick, on protective spells or banishing spells, ect ect. SO MUCH INFORMATION. Use it.

The best part is witchcraft isn’t a cohesive practice, so you dont have to worry about appropriating witchy culture. You should, however, watch for witchcraft practices which are based on appropriate something from another culture (like smudging. Don’t do it, that’s a very specific practice from first nations culture)




How do your characters die?

Quickly, without any warning, in the most pointless way ever, preferably when nobody knows that they’re on our side.

No last words except for something like ‘hey you want a soda’ and then they die, preferably with no chance to fight back.

The audience knows that they’re innocent. Nobody else knows until the last few pages, if at all.

To really crush your audience after have a scene where the character you just killed will have been able to save the rest of your characters, but since they’re dead another one of your characters dies digging their way out of the mess

Neat sounding spell names

that you can actually pronounce- healing edition i guess? Honestly this wasnt nearly as well planned out lmao i need to #practice

Orpheus Cast- induces a dreamless sleep in those with nightmares or insomnia

Bronsitt Vow- used for people who are heaving trouble breathing due to infection or asthma

Bloodletter’s Owe

– used to heal bruises, minor cuts, nose bleeds, ect. Any kind of minor bleeding.

Vulture Cast- used on major traumatic injuries, such as gut wounds or in field amputations. Clots the blood and encourages the body to heal itself, effectiveness depends on user.

Aura’s Oath- for headaches or migraines

Left Ana’s Cure- used to reverse a stroke. Effectiveness depends on user.

Stop’s Cure Cast- used to calm someone down from a panic attack. Can be invasive- try to ask for consent first.

Leuko-eater’s Cast- used on infected wounds

Some folklore stories you can use to worldbuild

If You Dont Want To Use Already Existing Ones lmao

B/c I’m lovely like that

(also I’m p much making these up- they may resemble already existing stories but that’s not on purpose)

-If a rabid dog is left to die from the disease rather than being put down humanely, it’s ghost will be rabid as well, and will attack anything living still outside at night

-Mother swamp monsters will raise human children as their own if they wander unattended into their territory

-Try to collect as many favours as you can from people, b/c you can trade them to a poltergeist in exchange for a visit from a loved one who’s passed on

-Looking through a rabbit vertebrae will let you see ley lines.

-If you kill a fox mother, her kits are your responsibility. If you don’t feed them, you’ll become their food.

-If you become a vigilante and slide too deep down a dark path and start harming innocents, the spirits of criminals you killed will kill you in retribution.

-Should you take writing advice from a corvid, you should tell that corvid about your writing or they will feel unloved and not give you any more advice.

– more seriously, if you give a crow something shiny they’ll carry out a curse for you, if you give a magpie something shiny, they’ll carry out a favour of any kind, and if you give a raven a shiny, they’ll carry out a blessing. Don’t mix up crows and ravens- bad shit will happen.

-wearing the skull of something you’ve slain as a helmet will protect you, but it’ll leave the spirit of the animal free to harm your comrades.

-Those small bumps and hills in the ground are the resting places of dragons. Offer them tribute and their spirit will guide you.

Cool sounding spell names

That You Can Actually Pronounce: Creepy edition


Notice Me Not- removes target object/creature from victims perspective. Stronger nmn’s can even influence memories of the victim. 

Dis-ease- creates a feeling of perpetual anxiety around the victim

Hellbound memory- forces the victim to relieve their darkest or most traumatic memories.

Oath-eater’s vow- casted when making promises. If either promise-maker breaks the promise, they lose whatever was given as collateral to the Oath-eater’s vow.

Gut Eater’s curse- liquefies the organs of the victim. 

Rotgut curse- creates an infection in the digestive tract, which eventually rots to fluid. A great deal slower and more painful than a Gut Eater’s curse.

Cure the Curse- links two curses together- if the first curse is countered, it triggers the second while the victim is still recovering from the first. Can be expanded into a longer chain.

Aura’s vow- casted on the victim with a requirement (ie. Tell the truth). Every time the victim violates the requirement, Aura’s vow activates and the victim suffers from migraine like symptoms, which worse until they either stop, or stroke out and die,

Stormheart spell- influences the emotions of the subject, until they become wildly out of control and manic.

names for your significant other

featuring things i have called my girlfriend in real life. No, i’m not joking


light of my life



my love

mcdude my fuck

gay ass motherfucker

cuntface mcgee



Hella rad superhero au ft. Ladies

Otherwise Known As: The Crow Sucks At Naming List Prompts And Needs Help

Here we go: Create an all-lady (and nb folks & men if you want, I’m just saying ladies for reasons that will be explained) Super hero league!!!

Why all female??? Easy.

All the members will have their powers and identities based off these abstract concepts, all of which are personified as ladies.

The concepts? The tenants of freedom and the nine Grecian muses!





Kalliope, the muse of poetry

Kleio, the muse of history

Ourania, the muse of astronomy

Thaleia, the muse of comedy

Melpomene, the muse of tragedy


the muse of

religious hymns


the muse of



the muse of

written music


the muse of verbal song and dance

You can also use zodiac symbols and vices and virtues, but those are slightly more commonly used. I don’t think I‘ve seen any muse-based superhero works.

Worldbuilding tips::

Remember to design clothing for whatever culture you’re developing. What kind of fabrics or styles are common? What colours- swamp people are’t going to wear pastels and desert folks won’t wear black. How about jewelry and makeup?

Keep in mind scenery, too! Just because two places are similar, doesn’t mean the clothes will be. A hot place without much sun is going to look a lot different in terms of clothes than a hot place with a lot of sun. People who live near an ocean dress different than people near a lake, and very different from people who live in a swamp.

Also! No matter how dramatic it is, people who live some place very windy aren’t going to wear a lot of loose, flowing fabric. Some, maybe, like a veil or a shawl, but not skirts and the like. Too many people would trip!

FANCY names for invoking the elements!!! :)

Lumina- invoking light. (from the word ‘luminous’. Pronounced loom-in-ah)

Ignotious- invoking a controlled flame. Can also be invoked during rituals of protection. (from the word ‘ignite’ mixed with ‘not’ and the suffix ‘ious’, as in ‘having’ a trait ie. ambitious is having ambition. pronounced ig-not-TEE-us)

Igneesius- invoking an uncontrolled flame. Can also be invoked in rituals of war and provocation. (from the word ‘ignite’ mixed with the suffix ‘ious’, as in ‘having’ a trait. pronounced ig-NEE-see-us)

Terrama- invoking earth. (from the word ‘terra’, meaning earth. Pronounced terra-mah)

Currescada- invoking water. (From the words ‘current’ and ‘cascade. pronounced kur-reh-scah-dah)

Resspirind- invoking air. (from the words ‘respiration’ (spiritual’ and ‘wind’. Pronounced ress-pir-ind)

Noxicus- Invoking darkness. Also good for invoking noxious or deadly elements when casting curses. (from the word ‘Nox’ meaning ‘darkness’ and the ‘ous’ as in ‘being full of’ some quality, ie. being full of darkness. pronounced noks-ih-kuss)

Caelestious- invoking divine/cosmic energy. Also can be invoked while healing, or transferring energy. (From the word ‘celestial’ and ‘caduceus’ mixed with the suffix ‘ious’, as in ‘having’ a trait. Pronounced kay-less-TEE-us)