In the break from customers, the werewolf basked in the warm sunlight streaming through the display window, stealing away with the leftover winter chill. That is, until xe felt xir hair stand on end. Xe was being watched.

Knowingly, the werewolf turned around and watched as the spirit flinched back as if afraid to be caught. The werewolf continued to stare until the spirit finally spoke. “Does it feel nice?” ze asked in a meek voice. For a moment, the werewolf could swear tears shimmered on the spirit’s face. 

Pity consumed xem and xe could only nod. The spirit made a dejected sound and drifted upstairs towards the living quarters. The living quarters that used to be zirs, back when ze was still among the living. The werewolf felt shame mix with the pity. If only xe hadn’t been the unknowing cause of it all. Xe would take it back in an instant, but that didn’t matter now. Xe couldn’t go back and alter the past.

The spirit let the soaking werewolf in, never turning from xir duties as shopkeeper. “I warned you, didn’t I?” xe chided as the werewolf slumped miserably in front of the ever-burning fireplace. “I warned you that it would rain today, no matter what that hack meteorologist on the tv said.”

The werewolf muttered mutinously under zir breath, glaring up at the spirit whose feet never seemed to touch the ground. “Once a witch, always a witch, huh? Even in death.”

The spirit gave the werewolf a knowing smile and went back to polishing the crystal displays.