i love your prompts, especially those of succubus and angel/s. i have writer’s block but i have been able to write well thanks to them. thank you, your work is very good!

i can’t wait to get back to the angel/succubus prompts…



replied to your post “Are you gonna..” starts the civilian “Are you gonna interfere?” The…”

god i love this dynamic ur building SO MUCH

d- d- d- dabs!

Just a lil hint for what i’m thinking for the comic project-

Throne and Armored Aurum (the villain and hero, respectively) deal primarily with enhanced humans. Armored Aurum is basically an add-on to the cops for dealing w. any enhanced threats. While Throne does deal with regular humans for business and the like, everyone she has a relationship with is enhanced. While their civilian identity may be another matter, their superhuman personas are generally see as Above The Average Person. Throne is terrifying. Aurum is awe-inspiring

Meanwhile, Doll Coyote is basically the public disaster. He’s who you go to when your cat is stuck in a tree, when your senile granny has wandered off, when you need someone to kill your abusive stalker ex partner, that sort of thing. He’s a gay who can’t drive so he’s regularly on the bus with 3-5 coyotes stuffed into his overcoat.

He’s not interested in structures of power per say, he’s just trying to lend a hand