Greetings. So my story is based on a flashback and it leads to where the plotline starts. The first scene starts off with my main character in therapy with his therapist. Could you give some advice or tips on how I could incorporate this into the first scene and the rest of the story? Your advice has really helped in the past so thank you and keep up the good work.

Hey!! I’m so glad the blogs been helpful for you ❤

I got two other prompts really really similar to this in my asbox from an anon- were those you? please let me know so I can clear them if they are!

disclaimer: not a therapist 

This would be a great first scene if you need to infodump a little bit! The therapist and the main character can go over his behaviours, setting up a general idea of what he’s like. Say he has trouble with social interaction, bringing that up now will queue the reader into the fact that the mc may miss things in conversations the reader finds easy to spot. you can also have the mc talk about how he feels as though he’s (for example) being followed, which the therapist figures is a result of his paranoia, only to reveal later that he is in fact being followed. Or maybe he isn’t. All of a sudden the reader needs to try to figure out which tropes are actually at play in plot, and which are the result of the mc’s mental illness.

 You can pre-introduce characters that become relevant later by having the mc talk about them. The mc can also talk about his recent experiences, providing a history and background for the plot based fuckery, instead of just one day ‘oh fuck i’m in a car chase now there was no lead up to this’ you get a chance to see the mc talk about previous encounters that are definitely Not Normal and how he feels about them.

I don’t know how big a role the therapist is meant to play, but if you keep xir (you didnt specify a pronoun), then xe can play an integral role in piecing together information gained from the mc, another client xe has that is also related to the plot somehow, and what xe learn first hand through xir involvement in the plot. Of course, then there’s the confidentiality thing. Make sure you do research into when exactly a therapist is allowed to intervene or reveal information to the authorities.

things the mc learns in therapy can also play a part in later plot shit, ie. a big part of therapy for bpd (i know, I’m listing random stuff, but i don’t know what your mc has exactly so I’m being broad) is doing the opposite of how one feels when that feeling is negative. Your mc would be motivated to help others not by virtue of being a naturally helpful person which he might also be) but also because of techniques taught in dialectical behaviour therapy

hope this is helpful!