I actually wanted to thank you for using neopronouns. Reading your prompts I’m getting used to them and using them for actual people is less odd ever since I started reading your prompts.

thats awesome~!! neopronouns can be tricky to get used too, but i find they’re a lot of fun once you get started with em!

So would xe be the replacement for like she/he and xir is the replacement for his/hers? Sorry of this is a rude way to ask, I’m working on being more diverse in my writing and I wasn’t sure.

hey! Sorry for the late reply- i was away and had friends guest modding for me and they couldn’t answer asks

no worries on your phrasing- this is plenty polite and a fairly common question. i dont think a lot of people use neopronouns as extensively as i do

xe/xir/xir = she/her/hers is the easiest way to get used to it, yeah! you’ll aso see ze/zir/zirs and ce/cir/cirs somtimes as well as ey/eir/eirs