Can I ask why include all these various pronouns, since prompts are sort of something the writer adds detail to? Not to tell you how to write your prompts or anything of course, I like the use of X to replace a characters name and how it allows the writer to add it themself

hi! i originally started using xe/xir pronouns because they’re a gender neutral option with the same grammar structure as she/her and he/his pronoun (xe is vs they are). that way the prompts themselves don’t contain a gender bias while still fitting conventional grammar structures- it’s not a nonbinary agenda thing, it’s convenience of use as that way the prompts are free of gender bias and are easy to edit to add in the pronouns you chose to work with. the different neopronouns dictate that different characters are being referred to.

also i’m nonbinary, like nonbinary nepronouns, and run a queer writing blog so i guess it is a part of the nonbinary agenda, too :D.