oh fuck dont answer that lesbian swan ask (or this one) that was to the wrong blog sorry oops! just delete these please lmao fjejjririsjksjdjs

too late it’s cool i’ve done the Exact same thing

lesbian swan for the pride flags??

lesbian 1.0 is going to be a great blue heron! she’s next on my list and i should be starting to paint her tomorrow or maybe tuesday!


isn’t she beautiful?

after i’ve done a few more paintings I don’t mind going back and doing another one for a couple flags so if you’re dead set on swan I might open up for more lesbian ideas in a bit^^






ya bird back at it again

(don’t worry! comics are Coming!)


If I were to invest my time (which is very precious now that’m working full time) in creating pride merch would you be interested in purchasing, what flags would you want to see, and what imagery would you be looking for?

by imagery i mean i’d be doing it in my acrylic style, so would you want my usual eldritch slice of life paintings in the right colours(crystals/ skulls/ lanterns/ birds, fairly time consuming), just people done in the right colours (fastest time wise), or scenes involving human beings in daily life (walking in a park, looking at clouds, ect. Slowest time wise)

If I had money holy fuck I’d buy some merch if you put any out.

……maybe I can make my parents buy me some

good news! stickers cost about 1$!

also, for anyone hesitant to speak up because they dont have access to a lot of money, i personally will put the money from my job towards a giveaway, should i get enough of a response

so please, let me know what you guys think!

some clarification- the just people (or i could do lil bird graphics and random objects) will be really easy to put on stickers and some t shirts, the other two options are best for scarves/ prints/ t shirts and tank tops (but i’ll put everything everywhere I can)

…theoretically i could do one or two of the more popular flags in the full painting style and lil graphics of the rest

so, down below or in my ask/dms, let me know what kind of merch you want to see, and what flags you’re most interested in