Congrats! Ur main character has been turned into a baby. how do the supporting cast deal with this? No, the plot can’t be put on hold.

Tropes that I love and u should too b/c i want more of them

Extremely homicidal best friend who will never ever hurt you- provided you’re powerful enough that they can’t.

Healthy hero-villain relationships (as in datemates). This isn’t a thing but you should make it a thing.

Two people walking into a room. Person a: oh hey [x] person b: JESUS CHRIST A SWAMP MONSTER IS EATING SOMEBODY person a; no thats [x], xe does that sometimes

A character carrying absolutely everything everyone needs in their purse.

A perfectly spliced montage of all the main characters giving a story to the police.

Bonus: none of the story ever fucking match in the worst way so the police have no clue if one person is telling the truth, who it is, or if none of them are.

vacantly smiling eerie characters who are perfectly polite and give everyone the heebie jeebies.

BIG TOL AND SCARY and smol and adorable duo

bonus smol and adorable is the dangerous one.

extra bonus smol and adorable is a literal child

rly grumpy assassin/mercenary/whoever who keeps adopting children left and right is is the best parent ever but is also NOT A PARENT GUYS RLY

scary af cinnamon roll

more to come b/c i love these lists

You’re a regular citizen of your particular country. Your mother, on the other hand, runs a criminal empire composed of highly trained assassins and various other extremely dangerous people.

One day you get an email from a man claiming to be your father- someone your mother told you was dead.

ideas for disabled superheros

as written by a disabled asshole b/c there needs to be more but it can b very difficult to write a disabled superhero w/o being unintentionally ableist

I’m not saying this list is perfect b/c im only human, so if there’s something on here you don’t like, tell me and i‘ll edit/ remove it (also if you want to add stuff please do!!)

(also to my lovely followers/readers if you want to contact me directly about specific trope, interactions, or ideas please do)

Now! Onto the list!

A blind archer with precognitive and spacial-distortion abilities! They get information about the crime beforehand, and set up portals around the area and alarm to let them know when the crime is going down. Then, they just shoot into the portals at the set time.

A person with electrokinesis and epilepsy. They’re able to notice the distorted signals in their brain before they have a seizure, and can temporarily hold the seizure at bay while they get to a safe location. Unfortunately, it’s such fine work they can’t manage it for too long, but it’s enough!

A hero with fibromyalgia and super strength! Their chronic pain, fatigue, and muscle ‘weakness’ isn’t going to stop them from saving the city!! …Until they wake up the next day with no spoons. And the day after that. And the next.

A person with DID who keeps their powers quiet and to themselves…. until a new alter starts fronting who’s going to be an amazing hero!!!! queue best secret identity ever. Core personality is Frustrated w/ all the bruises

Another DID one b/c i worry that that’s too stereotypical and tropey-  a person with DID who’s got mf telepathy and precog who’s perpetually trying to clean up their headspace

A schizo-affective elementalist whose mf arch-nemesis is an illusionist. They’ve got years of practice picking up on a warped perspective, no two-bit joker wannabee is gonna trip them up from gliding avatar-style ‘round the city!

A person with ehlers-danlos and severe tachycardia who uses a wheelchair as their primary mobility aid who can possess their service dog and goes around offering emotional comfort and basic assistance to bystanders and victims of tragedies.

More coming soon? who knows