do u tag triggers? could i ask u to tag smth so i could blacklist it better or? if not i’ll manage i guess but i wanted to ask..

i do tag triggers! i’m awful at tagging in general but triggers r something i put effort into

Ok, I have *no clue* if I said this last time or not, cuz I’m forgetful bUT maybe you could do more superhero stuff? Anyway that’s vague, so another thing I’d like to see is people sassing people who they *clearly should not* be sassing, like gods and stuff. Thank you!!

Anonymous said to corvidprompts:oddly specific but i would be extremely grateful for some road trip prompts!!

you guys got it!! sass is always fun tbh

and slightly inappropriate aside: one of highschool me’s story had a roadtrip scene so i could includ complaining about periods during long car rides. Thats it thats the only reason

(to other anon) people can want to have periods tagged for the same reason as any other bodily function: they can be squeamish. or if they’re ftm it can trigger gender dysphoria.

(Period anon again) I don’t owe an explanation and I’m glad that you said as much, but I honestly see people do this a lot and it really bums me out. (Feel free to post this, or not, whichever you’re more comfortable with). First of all, I’m trans and deal with dysphoria. But even if I wasn’t, my monthlies are extremely painful and most people would end up in the hospital from dealing with them. I don’t want to see posts about periods because I don’t like being reminded of how painful it is. ½

(Period anon) It’s *not* normal for me. It’s not normal to be in so much pain that you legitimately wish you were dead and actually consider doing it, or to be in so much pain that you literally cannot stay conscious, never mind actually being able to function. I feel like people don’t understand that no, it’s *not* normal for everyone. That no, there’s a lot of reasons to not want to see it. And I’m sick of people making it personal when it’s not. (Sorry for ranting, but yeah). 2/2

hey! a lot of people don’t like period stuff because it can trigger dysphoria, on the basis of having one or not having one. just @ the anon who can’t think of a possibility where someone could not want period stuff on their dash

lays on the blog seductively

does period tag discourse excite you

sorry i had nothing to input here so humour

what the– whats the problem with the period stuff? I really wish people would stop treating it like it’s disgusting or shouldn’t mentioned/talked about, as if it’s a problem. Happens every month, is a thing. it’s natural. End of story.

people can want stuff tagged for all sorts of reasons my guy. maybe its a trigger. maybe it’s a personal preference idk. people don’t need to specify why they want something tagged? like, i’m not going to stop writing period prompts but i don’t mind tagging them 

i remember a while ago someone asked me to stop using the word queer in my prompts which i wasn’t willing to do, so we compromised and now i tag all posts with the word queer in them ‘q prompts’ because some people are uncomfortable with the word. people don’t need to explain why they want something tagged, they just have to ask

i feel like this is roundabout whoops

TL:DR: if someone wants something tagged, i’m gonna tag it because they asked. they don’t need to disclose why because sometimes people aren’t comfy with that. 

The prompts will stay being made, just with a tag so people can filter them if they want. no trouble to you, me, or anyone else

“WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?!” “What are you looking for?” “THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEMS I OWN!!” “The signed-“ “NO THE MOTHERFUCKING TAMPONS TIME IS A-WASTING AND MY CLOTHES ARE A-STAINING!!!” (Aka I’m on vacation and I forgot tampons and now I know true pain)

im gonna be honest when i opened my inbox to this i literally snorted out loud laughing 

are you okay anon

“Why is there so much blood? Is that healthy? ARE YOU DYING?!” “This is about average…” “Oh. For the whole thing? Are you done now?” “Hourly.” “What?” “This is an average amount of blood to loose, hourly.” “WHAT?!”

is this more period prompts because mood?