Mind explaining to me why you said that I’m garbage? Lovely little server you got going on, calling people garbage like that. Heard that everybody wants to get involved 😘

Mind explaining to me why you’re sending me graphic descriptions of self harm, abuse, and descriptions of your dead body and suicide? tagging people in photos of self harm and blaming it on them? Manipulating people and messaging them guilt trips over trying to comfort a friend? Saying your behaviour is our fault?

Mind explaining why you’ve been calling me a dumb sack of shit or shithead or calling my friends minions or brainless followers or cult members because they refused to take your side when you decided to lash out against me for protecting myself? The fact that we’re in January, four months later, and you’re still acting like the victim even though i put up with your abuse silently in public for over three months because I was hoping you would stop? That you would realize how immature and hateful you’re being? How on earth do you think this is okay? Let go of your goddamned grudge, it’s only hurting you because i am beyond caring about your hatred.

anyway, yes. You’re a garbage person. I’m sure you can turn it around if you try, but this? Your actions? What you’re doing? That’s garbage.