hey ya! Ok, so basically I need your help as to how start my story. I know thats very subjective, but whatever you come up with will still be wayyy better than what I got, which is *nada*. I wanted it to start with a spar between a young girl, who isnt great with swords but act like she is, and her moody teacher who feels like he is too good to be teaching such a “spoiled brat”.

Hey! @smolkitsuneposts donated a prompt! Thank you fren ❤

-“Your stance is weak,” he drolled, easily blocking his student’s side-slash, “and your wrists are too loose." 

 "This stance is most comfortable for me,” she snapped, though she corrected her sloppy footwork.

 "Have you even been practicing your slashes outside of my classes?“ he easily sidestepped the thrust of her blade,sliding his own down the screeching metal. 

 "A bit,” she panted, “but I’ve also been teaching myself some new moves." 

"Then why am I even bothering to teach you-” with the flick of his wrist, his blade sent hers flying out of her hand, “-if you are not willing to learn?" 

here’s some more!

-He never praised her. He called her weak, and stupid, he’d send her into the dirt, he’d criticise everything from her shaky knees to her limp wrist, but he never praised her. Ever. So why should she bother to do what he says?

-The first time she ever landed a blow on him, he tossed her to the ground and pointed the edge of his sword against her throat. Maybe there’s potential here. Maybe.

But he didn’t care for the wetness in her eyes and sneered instead of instructed. She was too cocky to learn, and too weak to teach.

-”Again.” She snapped.

“You’re not ready.”


Maybe if he broke something, she’d stay down and realize how far she still needs to go.

– She was going to be glorious one day, and she knew it. It seemed like only she knew it, her poncy teacher skipping out as often as she could drag him in, and self study always got interrupted by someone laughing at her gawky stance or wide slashes. But she was learning- she was good. She was going to be good, teacher or no.

Hope these work as starters for you!! Good luck!! Let me know if you’d like some more