guys its been like a week since i hit 100 but

you’re all so lovely and i ❤ you

Not prompts again, sorry!! I feel like I’m talking a lot on here but i just want to make friends my guys

anyway, the queues running so there’ll be another prompt up soon

But!! Do you guys like the current set-up of the blog? Do you want more prompts of a certain kind? Less? You can put in requests if you have anything specific you’d like, of course.

Is there any tags I should add? Like by genre? Currently I’m just tagging the type of prompt, but I could try to add comedy/romance/horror ect tags if you guys would like that

Should I start adding writing resources well? Like neat articles of things that happen irl (for example the real life superhero league in Washington state no I’m not joking)

Give me some feedback! What sort of things would you guys like to see?


like you could use it as such, it’s just information I just found out and honestly this is really important.

But like, not a prompt. Could be used as a prompt in a murder story or something, you guys do you.

So you guys know antifreeze? You put it into your car, looks like kool-aid?

Okay, so something about the smell and look of antifreeze makes it really tasty to little kids and animals, and it’s super dangerous. Like, melting organs toxic. Don’t mess with that stuff.

Well, why are you, birb, putting this on my dash if it’s not a prompt? BECAUSE THERE’S A TREATMENT AND I DIDN’T KNOW THAT. IT’S ALCHOL.

ALCOHOL. IF A CHILD OR A DOG OR A CAT OR WHOMEVER DRINKS ANTIFREEZE, GET THEM DRUNK. like, clal your doctor/vet, but alcohol counteract the effects and may buy your friends/family/pets some time and speed up their recovery.