blatherblatherskite replied to your post “I searched through the blog but couldn’t find it, so I want to ask,…”

There’s a discord? ��

yeah! u can message the mods @from-ashes-they-rise @smugalbatross (won’t @???)  or @skeletalecho. pls dm because links dont go through asks

im @corvidcraft but im exhausted and will probably ignore u out of ‘oops forgot i got a message’ so maybe dont

I searched through the blog but couldn’t find it, so I want to ask, how do you become a mod here? Do you need like… Mods? Idk

we always need mods

nah but excuse the humour i (mod crow) do fine running this blog 95% alone when im not fucking working

my job is super spoons eating excuse me

as for how i recruit mods… i do it in the cprompts writing discord, because i know all the regulars really well and can judge if theyre a good fit

when i need mods i go HEY WHO WANTS TO BE A MOD and then i pick out of the poor, unprepared fools who volunteer

parricide (or parenticide) are more gender neutral terms for it – well, can be gender neutral : 1.)The act of killing one’s father (patricide), or less commonly one’s mother (matricide), or some other close relative, but usually not children (infanticide or filicide); 2.) The act of killing a person (such as the ruler of one’s country) who stands in a relationship resembling that of a father; 3.) A person who commits such an act 💕

AHA thank you very much anon!

– mod sam

what’s up its crow! hi 😀

as u can probably tell given ive uploaded one (1) prompt in the past two weeks and none on wordpress, working full time is very tiring

i still have time for some creative endeavors but blogrunning in particular is very hard for me :(!

that said i’ve kept up with my art a little better (as u know if u’ve been following me on twitter) and i’m planning on doing more pokemon art prompts over the next little while! you can send in some requests if you’d like. I’m also going to be trying to learn art nouveau so some of them might get a lil fancy!

i do have a ko fi if you want to donate with your request but it’s not required! please only donate if you are both financially stable and prefer to pay for a service

tldr: pokemon art prompts! feel free to ask for your buddy!