hello!!! can you pretty please post some snarky or sarcastic one liners??? thanks!!

Well if you ask so nicely, how can I not?? 

The first thing ur gonna want for a snarky oneliner is context. The best snark directly draws on a canon event and/or relies upon a personality trait. But alas, I run a prompts blog and thus must cater to a wide variety of situations. 

I’ll start you off with these nine and try to collect some good ones for a bigger list in the queue soon. Hope these help!

-Here’s a newspaper filled with all the love I can’t feel. (said the gf#2 an hour an a half ago lmao)

– Ah yes. Cave-dwelling vampire plants. A staple in every northwest summer camp.

-You know, people may like you more if you didn’t smell like a corpse.

– Oh yeah, she’s definitely a shape-shifter. One of those deep-sea eels, maybe.

-You know, when I said I wanted a snake, I didn’t mean for you to end up being one.

-Listen, my fine arts degree taught me all the skills i need to open up my own business. Meanwhile your English lit certificate is good for what, Starbucks?

-Oh and just so you don’t get confused again, I wrote my name on everything that’s mine.

-You know, it’s not like you’re a raging, psychopathic, murderous bitch or anything. Oh, wait-

-Oh, yeah, fucking my ex was a perfectly forgivable transgression


Wicca is the best known but is only 1 of HUNDREDS of Pagan religions friend. And wiccan only practise white maguc, if they are witches as all, which isn’t mandatory. Knowing the laws of witchcraft is beneficial to writers. Like there are three tiers of magic, white, grey, and black. And none of them are inherently bad. I’m personally a grey witch who practices under the Egyptian umbrella. The threefold rule exists for all, but harm none doesn’t. Really it’s a good thing to research to get right.

YEs this is the point I was making! Magick in our world does exist and it’s practiced by many people in many different ways. There’s incredible diversity in magick practitioners IRL, and should someone want to mix hollywood style craft into it, it would only get more diverse.