“Dude! People are dying out there!” “Yes, okay. Fine. But just… My cats are asleep, so lower your voice.”

seriously dude. How can you disturb the kitties?

these r all gold i love them

I had this prompt idea and I love your blog so here you go if you want it: And that’s where American phoenixes came from – the canaries dragged into the coal mines to watch for danger with their fragile lungs, to sing birdsong into the industrial darkness. When the mines caught fire and the cages melted, they were finally set free, with wings of fire. *scuttles back to lurking*

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Can we submit quotes, or would you prefer we just let the birb come up with them :0

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do you mean like submitting a prompt to me? Sure you can submit stuff if u’d like!!! I’d really appreciate if you only send me loose dialogue you’ve come up with yourself, not like quotes from a famous novel or something similar

and ofc you can always message me for specific prompts if there’s something you’re looking for.

Okay, so I have a character who was banished to a hell-like place where he isn’t allowed to die but is constantly suffocating. When he gets out what would some of the psychological damages of that be??? This is a pretty important part of my story and it just occurred to me I know nothing about the mental strains a mute, black abyss with constant suffocation would have on the mind… Please help-

Disclaimer: not a psychologist

ah man. AH MAN. Your poor character 😦

nobody look as i hurriedly shove my tortured ocs under a rug


So the first thing you would want to do is look at the affects of isolation on prisoners. Solitary confinement for a period of time longer than two weeks is considered torture.

Here’s an article you can look at to start

For your character specifically, I’d pay close attention to his triggers. He’d likely suffer from a fear of the dark, be easily overwhelmed by noise, be easily overwhelmed by physical content (though he’d also likely crave it after being deprived of it), be easily overwhelmed by light. He might talk to himself at all hours of the day just because he can.

If he was constantly suffocating, he’d also likely be very defensive of his airways. Things like choking on water could become terrifying. Sleep- lying in a quiet, dark room- could become near impossible.

Both what he went through (darkness, silence, isolation) and the opposite (bright light, noise, lots of people) would probably be triggering/overwhelming. The fact that he wasn’t ale to die could also lead to reckless behavior, as he might forget his own mortality. His pain tolerance would be higher, and he might dismiss dangerous injuries as inconsequential because he already spent so long suffering without being able to die.

I’m working on a fanfiction about Undertale. During a dystopia, android Mettaton is captured for defiance and punished by being sealed inside a trunk and thrown inside a well. He’s curled up on the side, his knees are folded, his chin is pushed against the knees and his arms and hands are wrapped around his chest. He stays like this for a time I haven’t decided yet, most likely six months, and when he gets out he has limited access to mechanics. Could he experience chronic pain? If so, how?

Disclaimer: I’ve never played undertale (also i’m not a doctor, i should’ve put that on my last post as well)

Okay so if Mettaton is an android, his physiology is fundamentally different than a human beings. I’m going to be going about this with the assumption that Mettaton has the same general structure as a human body and the he experiences tactile sensations mostly the same way as a human being (ie. temperature and pressure register the same general way and that his joints work the same/similarly to a humans)

First- If he’s thrown into a well, while being sealed into a trunk in essentially the fetal position- Yes, he’s going to experience a great deal of lasting damage, especially if he has limited access to repairs.

The most obvious problem would be the denting. A human would bruise or break limbs, so depending on how tough his hull is he could deal with broken parts, loose wires, or a dented outer shell. 

His knees could knock against his jaw, which could force him to bite his tongue (assuming that he has one for the purposes of speaking). The force of the knock could also fracture his jaw or his teeth.

If his arms are crossed over his chest, sandwiched between his chest or his knees, then he’s going to do some serious damage to his shoulders. Just from looking at the photos, it seems his arms are made up of interlocking segments. The place where the arm attaches to the shoulder would probably function kind of like a plug-in? and having his arms crossed in such a way would put a strain on the joint, which could end up slightly warped, which would reduce overall function.

If his arms are folded over his knees, so his knees are in between his arms and his chest, he would likely experience a similar problem, especially given he’d probably try to adjust the position of his arms. A repetitive rocking motion could cause a repetitive strain injury, and again, change the structure of the joint.

The big problem is his spine. The curled up position you’ve put him in is going to arch his back and expose his spine. Even a moderate fall could cause severe damage to ones spine, and being forced in that position for 6 months would damage his spine quite badly. the spine is made up of bones with a cushion of cartilage- even if he escaped damage from the fall, the cushion of cartilage would become compressed on one side, he could deal with nerves being pinched or crushed between the bones, and suffer from stress fractures from the awkward positioning.

Another issue would be his torso. In order for the torso to move the way it does, it’s made up of bones that connect with cartilage to offer it flexibility. Spending six months in a prone position could permanently warp or damage the torso.

Given that he’s an android, he wouldn’t have to deal with muscle atrophy, but the lubrication in his joints could become old/less effective which could leave him quite stiff.

And finally, in human bodies the longest nerve is the sciatic nerve, which goes through the hips and down to the feet. This nerve is fragile!! Having his hips titled in the way they would be could irritate or damage the nerve (again, assuming he has something similar)

And ofc you’d have to consider how he would deal with the isolation. Isolation of a period of longer than two weeks is considered torture, and can result in mental illness and ptsd, on top of the physical stress he’s under.

Really, it depends on how close to human you’re making his body. The important things to consider would be- where are his ‘bony’ bits, and what kind of strain are they under?

I hope this helps!! Let me know if there’s anything you need cleared up/ expanded on!

As a Canadian I appreciate your latest prompt bc wHY DOESNT THE SUN LOVE US!?!?!?! IS SOME WARMTH TOO MUCH TO ASK?!

OH MY GOD I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!  It’s amazing how much the weather here doesn’t love us.

Suffer- The Sun (2017)

Hello! Your blog really helps me with writing. So currently I’m writing a story about two best friends that go out and solve their peers and towns mysteries. The “main” main character is quite clever and witty while being casually blunt at times. His best friend is a bit naive and skeptical. Could you possibly come up with some dialogue for these two characters?

Hey hey!! I’m glad the blog is helping! I’d be happy to try and put some dialogue together for you. I hope it’s what you wanted!

main-main character= X secondary main character= Y

X- “Looks like we finally have a lead, eh?”

Y- “Oh my god.”

X- “See it’s funny because the clue is a dog leash-”

Y- “Yeah, no I got it. Shut the fuck up.”

Y- “You know, we could just call the police.”

X- “Uhm, yeah, but then what we going to put on our resumes? ‘Worked at Dairy Queen for a summer’? No thank you. Get the UV, I want to check for blood.”

X- “You could say that we just cracked this case wide open.”

Y- “You split his skull call 911 oh m y g o d.”

X- “I’m just saying, this isn’t the worst thing that could happen.”

Y- “We’re going to be butchered.”

X- “We’re going to be butchered by my cousin. Cuz’ [Z] isn’t that bad- xe’ll make it quick.”

Y- “What is wrong with your family?

Y- “What am I supposed to tell my parents? ‘Yeah I was out with a boy all night, but don’t worry all we did was try and track down aliens’?

X- “Sure, why not?”

X- “Why didn’t you tell me about them?”

Y- “My family is my business okay!?! We’re not one of your games.”

X- “I don’t mean it like that! Please, I just want to help!”

Y- “Rope, kerosene, tactical knives, 6-inch nails- What is this?”

X- “Oh good, you found my list. C’mon, the hardware store is gonna close soon.”