For the doodle Prompt: There are some who, known to the earth, leave their scales bare and eyes sharp. They are the dangerous ones, the ones who do not fear the outcry of man, the ones who leave their magick blatant and angry along the swirling tresses of their hair. And then there’s you… Thank you oh wise corvid! You always come up with the coolest prompts and I love your inclusion of pronouns! Your my favorite prompt blog (●´ω`●)

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“Don’t cry over me, love. I will not die; there is no need to mourn.” “You aren’t an oracle, [X].” “I will return to you.” I’d love to see your doodle on this one! Thanks so much! <3 your prompts so far :)

Prompt request: m/m couple of a demon and a werewolf? Just them bring sort of… Gay and flirty and sweet yknow? Love ur stuff!!!!!!!!

oh man,,, more romance,,, i am,, So Good, ,,a,,,,, at the Romans™

“Who’s a good boy?!?!”

“It’s me. You’re a literal demon. I am the good boy in this relationship.”

-”So like, are you a furry, or am I a scaley?”


“Which one of us is the gross one, [X]?”

Could I have a few prompts where the hero and the villain are both crushing on eachother, but don’t realize the other has a crush on them? Tysm, i love your writing!!

romance yes

i know what romance is

-”Your costume makes your thighs look huge.” says the villain.

“You know what they say, bitch, thick thigh save lives,” snaps the hero “And that’s the whole point!”

-”Why are you at a concert anyway?”

“Well,” says the villain awkwardly “I overheard you talking to [different hero] about how expensive the tickets are so i figured if i crashed it you could just come anyway’“

For the doodles: After starting up the car so xe didn’t freeze to death, [X] sat there for a few moments to take in the day xe’d had. Then xe turned to xir coffee and said, “Holy shit. Ze did ask me out on a date.” ((This is a part of one of my stories and I’m curious how you’d draw it,))

sorry,,, maybe i wasn’t clear enough in my second post

i’m only doing drawings of my own work

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