I want to open a bookstore and maybe write on the side or do other art. I’m afraid that physical books are dying out though and that big companies and ebooks are taking over and I won’t be able to survive as a business or an author.

quillwritten said to corvidprompts:I want to be an author and performer and I’m determined to do at least one but I’ll keep working towards both until it happens

unnameablethings said to corvidprompts:we’ve talked about it before but im going to attend farm school so i can run a good gay farm w/ a bunch of friends and self-publish lots of stories on the internet. chickens and bees and peaches and tomatoes and alpacas, heck yeah!!!

anon, there is always room for physical books. You just gotta get you name out there!! Like that one, small queer bookstore that became popular overnight from a tumblr post. It’s a tough industry, but you can do it! find your niche!!

@quillwritten hell yeah live ur dreams!! Live both of them!! mesh them together into one eldritchdream!! just Keep Going!!

@unnameablethings my good friend with ur gay little farm,,, i love you and support ur farm,, can i come an make candles 

my grandparents on my dads side (his mom and step father) were both farmers until they were too old to be anymore snce non of their kids wished to inherit the land. you can do it too


I work retail hell right now, but I’m self-publishing my own books. Four so far, some sales, not much, but maybe someday I can actually make it as a writer before my health completely fails on me.

Anonymous said to corvidprompts

 im (hopefully) going to school for zoology/entomology in fall 2019!! my dream job is to work at a zoo, but any job around animals or bugs would be amazing.

Anonymous said to corvidprompts:

I want to become a writer or an artist, or at least do commissions as a side job. It’s been hard to get inspiration lately, but I’m doing my best. Maybe even an actor if I’m brave enough? I like the idea of playing the role of a fictional character. Argh, there are a lot of interesting jobs.

the-asexual-reaper said to corvidprompts:

I want to be a poet. Well I am. But I want to have books actually published and able to make a living off of it. Have people say how I’ve touched them in some way because of the words I’ve written.

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I would like to be a marine biologist. Working with coastal animals such as crabs, dolphins, rays and turtles ^.^


you can fucking make it guys all of you

you’re gonna be amazing

I want to become a digital artist [or just an artist in general] and/or an author.

do both and make a comic! draw things! Write things! follow people you admire and figure out what you admire about their work! You can fucking make it anon

I really really want to be a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer (or both) and I think I can make it work if I move but I’m scared no one’ll want to watch me and I won’t get anywhere with it ha h

heck i’m sure you can do amazing things anon

be the streamer you want to watch thats the most important thing

work for urself and be happy and people watching you will know you enjoy it too, so its more real feeling

i dont do it often but i do do shoutouts sometimes to content creators who need a lil boost^^ so when you get started you can send me a link to post to expose your content (if you’d like 😀 )

i’m going (to try) working at a daycare! teaching the new kids abt amazing new concepts like consent and not being rude

!! Thats awesome!! teaching and working with kids is so amazing because its so unfathomable u know? One of things where youve got to be inclined to it. i bet you’re going to do great things

I want to be an actor!! I’m on the right track for it at the moment- I’m going to uni to study drama in September- and if all goes to plan I’m gonna be the nb representation Hollywood so desperately needs :D


thats amazing! you can be the nb laverne cox we all love and worship

I actually want to be a writer when I’m older. I’m planning on starting my debut book within the next couple years, and if my wildest aspirations come true, I’m gonna be the next J. K. Rowling (+ the representation of Rick Riordan) at some point :3

Hey! you fucking go for it! Becoming a writer is tough but there’s so much information online about how to navigate the publishing world now. Even if you can’t be the next JKR, become the next maggie stiefvater or leigh bardugo or samantha march. Do your best and succeed ❤