“You look nice.”

“Thanks,” says the zombie “Did you notice-”

“That you put a bow tie on the ribeon? Yes. I sure did. Nice of you to wear a low cut top so the bird can show off, too.”

it’s date night


More pokemon requests!!

If you’d like to request your own, please drop a little $$$ in my ko fi or patreon! Or, if you don’t have access to online funds, feel free to send in a request regardless (though free requests will be done at my discretion)

yes i did name my whismur Airpod Jill

we’re doing Pokemon paintings! Day two!

If you want to request something, please leave a little $$$ in my ko fi or patreon. Or, if you can’t donate for whatever reason, send in a request anyway (but i’ll be doing free requests at my own discretion)


So i’m a ridiculous human being who loves to pokemon designs and ANYWAY i’m going to be painting a bunch of them

if you want to have a really cheap commission done of a pokemon, you can yeet me some cash on ko-fi (or if you’re a patreon, feel free to request something)

if you can’t do the $$$ thing, feel free to send in a request, but know I’ll be doing those at my own discretion



EDIT: nice, scanned image 🙂



replied to your post “The alpha of the local werewolf pack is an autistic teenager who does…”

Dude if these are all about a sitcom… I would watch the HECK outta that sitcom that sounds awesome

is it ever gosh i love these idiots so much

it might be mildly too dark for a typical sitcom setup but that’s okay i just tossed all the adorkable misogyny to compensate


of course i had to do development