Hey guys!

Patreon rewards go out in a few days! This will be my first time putting out rewards, so now’s a good time to join up!

Joining patreon gets you access to things like requesting prompts of your choice, bonus art content I’ve never posted, and early access to my summer comic project and more! Hope to see you there!

sorry to be posting this at such a weird time! i was V Excited! I’ll be reblogging once or twice tomorrow as well

click on the images for details, as you lose a LOT in the shrinkage (i just didnt want to take up ur whole dash)

anyway, i am Totally Up to do a full on acrylic superhero comic! Here’s my concept design for the Hero, Vigilante, and Villain characters- Armored Aurum the hero, Doll Coyote the vigilante, and Throne the villain 

if you think an urban fantasy superhero comic in the style of my limited palette paintings is up ur alley, I’m going to be releasing more info and ways to interact w. the project soon! If you’re really excited, i do already have a ko-fi open and I’ll be using the proceeds from that to buy enough supplies to start the project

I’ll be doing a post soon with ways to support the project and info on the characters and plot soon! but for now i offer u these words of wisdom

it’s finals hell rn and im painting superheros. dont be me

Hey guys!

So I know i already do art and donation posts and stuff which don’t get a lot of interest, and I don’t make a lot of money off of this blog b u t 

If i were to take a bunch of the hero/villain/vigilante prompts and do short comics based on them (2-3 pages maybe), would anyone be interested in- donating to a kickstarter for supplies, purchasing the originals of each comic, or purchasing a collection maybe 30 or so pages long (depending on how it takes me to finish)

It’d be a kind of queer polyamourus anthology of a bunch of interconnected short comics, and i’d do it entirely in acrylic paint and then scanning them and doing prints for the collected book. The original comics would be purchasable, but they’ll be expensive fair warning

I have another few weeks of school left so I’ll have time soon to start working. If you’ve seen my acrylic art you know my style is pretty unique, so it’d be a hell of a book. I just need to know if there’s interest

Hey guys!! I’ve got some expenses coming up so if you have a little bit of spare change, I’ve got

a place where you can donate (I do bonus prompts as a reward!)

A redbubble shop!

and commissions! (with updated info!!)

I could really, really use the spare cash and I always ensure you get something out of giving so please consider it!

this blog is a hecking mess rn so im doing this post when it doesnt matter:

school is expensive and I don’t work SO

if you have the $$ I have a ko-fi you can donate to, a redbubble you can buy from, and commissions you can order

(also i need to edit the post when i have an example image, but i just got a smaller paper size so i can offer acrylic commissions for 50$ and up now! Including character commissions and scene commissions)

if you do a ko fi donation i do offer bonus prompts as an incentive so you still get some sweet content as a reward for all the options

finger guns


Hey guys! Sketch commissions are open!! All prices are in CAD. I’m starting off with 5 slots, first come first serve.

I will do: Oc’s (with reference), suggestive stuff, underwear pictures, outfit designs, monsters ect.

will not do: kissing on the mouth, blatant sexual pictures, anything involving eye injury, complicated robots/machinery

You must: Have a pay pal. I’ll be using the invoice feature. Payment will be half upfront and half upon completion.

Have references if I’m to be doing an oc, either in drawing form or in detailed text description.

Add on half the starting price for additional characters (so 15, 22.50, 52.50+ for two person pictures)

Acrylic paintings are very expensive! Please be prepared for that if you want one (and I’m totally willing to do a longer term payment plan for more expensive options)

Message me for more info, references, or with any miscellaneous questions! I’m happy to talk!

It’s gonna be really busy for me soon so it’s a good time to buy one if you’re interested!


More acrylics! I just,, love them so much

Again, my photos aren’t the greatest but it’s just a beautiful painting. The colours are so beautiful and iridescent. If you’d like the chance to see for yourself, this one is going up for sale! It’s 165$ CAD (and I do long term payment plans if that’s a little steep, no worries)

Please enjoy!

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