Ouroboros – smug_albatross – Warriors – Erin Hunter [Archive of Our Own]


Fandom: Warrior Cats (Erin Hunter)

Relationships: Firestar/Sandstorm, Barley/Ravenpaw, most canon relationships

Tags: Time travel, fix-it but not really, temporary character death

Thunder split the sky and the world went white as lightning struck
the fallen tree next to him. Flames washed over him, suffocating his
howl of pain – he heard Sandstorm scream, and then –

It was over.

Firestar wheezed and coughed as he opened his eyes. The air was
hot, suffocating – he gagged on the stuffy air, clawing at whatever was
constricted around his throat – it was thick, heavy, and –

– a collar?

Firestar stared blankly down at his chest where a golden bell dangled
from his throat. There was a dish next to his nest – nest? Bed? Nest –
filled with dry, bland-smelling pellets.

Something clicked in his mind and he shot to his feet, frantically
checking himself for gray hairs. He found none – his pelt was pure
ginger, as fluffy as a newly-minted apprentice’s. He was young again –
as young as when he’d first joined the clan.

This was a day that would be seared into his mind forever; the day he’d
wandered into the woods and stepped into a world wilder and more
complicated than he could have ever imagined; the one choice he’d never
regretted in his life. If he stepped outside and it was raining – if
Smudge was there –

Smudge. Firestar had barely thought of his friend since the clans had
been forced to leave the forest, driven out by the Twoleg invasion. So
many cats had died… if this were real, could he save them, too?


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– mod sam

Ouroboros – smug_albatross – Warriors – Erin Hunter [Archive of Our Own]




“What’s this?” the asexual asked.

The biologist crossed xir arms. “Salt,” xe said. “Several bags of salt. Now please stop tormenting [spirit] so ze will stop haunting me.”

I love this because depending on how you read the epithets used, it means that

a) the second speaker identifies xir sexuality as “biologist”


The first speaker’s occupation is being asexual.


ok so when you started posting prompts about the asexual and the ghost, every time you wrote “signs” i read “sighs”, and it still happens when i read it quickly, so now i have this impression about the spirit constantly sighing in despair and i can’t make it go away

Considering the asexual’s recent salt-related hijinks, that’s not an invalid take.